Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Top 5 Rules for Speaking to Yourself.

Although I am a prime example of a person that goes around literally talking to themselves, I am aware that speaking aloud to oneself can garner some crazy looks from others.  So I do try to watch how much I do it in public. LOL!!

You might have more self-control than I do regarding this, but I can guarantee, that throughout the day, you have a steady stream of thoughts infiltrating your day.  Some of these are good and empowering, some.. not so much.

The good thing is that YOU and only you have the power to change your thoughts, so you can stop tearing yourself down and start empowering the crap out of YOU!

Here are a few "rules" to follow when talking to oneself in order to empower and not belittle.

1.  Talk to you as if you are talking to a friend!  If you wouldn't say it them, you shouldn't say it to you.  Even if no one else can hear it.

2.  Be careful how you are defining yourself.  What words follow "I am" in your head?? I did a whole post on the importance of these words.

3. Be gentle with yourself.  Yes you do things that aren't the most amazing at times, but repeatedly going over and over them with you isn't going to change the situation.  Analyze it, make a goal to do better, and release!

4.  Tell yourself you are the shizz.. even if you don't believe it right now.  Because if you tell yourself enough.. you will start to believe it.

5.  Be mindful of what you are allowing to make you feel "good" or "bad."  The top one I hear from women is regarding food.  They are "bad" for eating ice cream and "good" for eating kale.  Stop. Just stop.  Food is nourishment, it does not define you as good or bad.  Choose healthy, whole foods most of the time and allow yourself treats without feeling bad about you.

Do you find that you tear yourself down in your own head?  In your thoughts?  In the only place in the world YOU have total control over??  What do you do to stop yourself?  Give me your tips in the comments.