Wednesday, June 14, 2017

the countdown is on!!!!

This is starting to get REAL!!!  The countdown is only 4 weeks and then it's happening...  I can't even believe it.. 

You see last summer..  I watched on Facebook while my now close friend Andrea enjoyed a trip first to Miami, and the to Nashville with her amazing team and overall just freaking sparkling group of friends.

I was drawn in by their light, by their passion and purpose and the freaking FUN they were having and I wanted to be in that club.  I wanted to surround myself with those kind of people.  And I wanted the opportunity to build my own tribe in the process.

So shortly after she returned from her trip I reached out to Andrea and became a coach..  

And now in just FOUR WEEKS Y'ALL I'm going to New Orleans to attend my first coach summit!!!!!!!  As a member of the team, as a coach that helps women feel happy and healthy and empowered and sexy again!!  I'm going to NOLA to hang with my tribe!! And learn sooo much that will help me to be a better coach for others... 

You see, I didn't join to lose weight.  (Mind blown.. 💥💥💥) I joined to be part of something that would make me a better person and would enrich my life.  Losing weight is the side effect of doing the things that make you the happiest version of yourself there is! 

And I get to show other ladies how to do that!!!!!!!  I can help you, if you are ready...  and if you want to part of the  club like I did...  there's always room For more!!  Reach out!