Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Super Special Transformation Tuesday..

Today is a Super Extra Special Transformation Tuesday for me..  
This is my VERY FIRST Facebook profile picture.. (circa 2009??) and my current one..

Both pics involve bathing suits and a beach. 

But BOTH are VERY different..
In that first pic, I was a young(er :) ) mom of 2, out on a beach rocking a bikini.  BUT.. I was not confident in myself.. NO WAY was I allowing a real picture of me in that thing to show up on Facebook.. or anywhere else for that matter.. I felt OK wearing it.. but not confident enough to really own it.
I thought i looked OK, but definitely didn't feel AMAZING and didn't own the @#$% out of it..
Fast Forward to NOW.. well last week.. I not only rocked this bikini but a couple others.. and i not only would allow pics of myself in it, I took them my damn self!! 
Not because I think my body is perfect, not because I don't have things I still want to improve, but because I have put in the work.. on both my body and my mind that now i feel confident, sexy, and HOT and OWN the HELL out of my body and my LIFE..  
And Ladies, this isn't all about a bikini.  Maybe you have no desire to ever rock one of those again, and that is ok too, but the point is, you DESERVE to feel good about yourself, how you look, what you do, and just WHO you are.  I have discovered the secrets to doing this and I'm ready to share them with you!!

If you want to feel amazing, confident, energized, and yes, SEXY!!  too... 
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And PLEASE Share this!!! I KNOW there are women out there that are longing to feel amazing in their own skin just like I was..