Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Diets are Dumb.

There I said it.

Diets.  Are.  DUMB.

To me a "diet" would be defined as a short term deprivation of calories in order to lose weight. 

Diets are short term.

Diets don't work.

They don't. 

I mean you might lose the pounds that you are aiming for.  You might reach a weight goal, but if once you have reached that goal you go back to your old eating habits... guess what???  You will eventually gain it back.

And then go on another dumb diet.

And then lose it.

And then gain it back...

And on, and on and on...  

You get the point.

What I do is different.  I have changed my life.  my nutrition. my mindset.

I don't diet. 

I still eat pizza, and tacos.  And candy.  And whatever the hell I want.  

SOME of the time.

And I STILL get results.  I'm still seeing PROGRESS every month.

Do you want to learn how?  

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