Sunday, January 8, 2017

Why make a Vision Board?

I just finished making something that I never have done before.  I had always heard about vision boards, but wasn't really into doing one.

But, as we all do from time to time, I changed my mind.

I made my vision board so I can have my dreams in front of my face every. single. day.

So I can SEE my goals right there in front of me.

So there is a physical reminder of what I am working toward.

So I put my dreams and goals "out there" and commit to them.

I also just love that it's pretty.  haha.

I believe that by seeing this every day, by taking the time to really look at it, I will be inspired to work for my goals.

To make it, I decided I wanted it to be pretty hanging on my wall, so I bought a poster type frame.  And I used scrapbook paper, pictures and sayings printed off of Pinterest and a few pretty stickers, along with a glue gun to create the board.  I just used glued everything right onto the back board of the frame..  And there you have it!

This year, I've started off really focusing on my goals and working on really focusing on what my goals and dreams are for this life.  I am really focused on creating and designing my life as best as I can.  And yes, I'm currently reading The Desire Map and using powersheets to help me!

Have you ever done anything like this?  Did it work for you?