Friday, January 27, 2017

My Growth Game is Strong

Growth and self improvement happens slowly, over time, and a lot of time you don't even notice yourself changing until you do..

At least that is how it happened for me..

The other day I got up for work (I have to be there at 7am)  and got ready and went in..  (exciting story so far, eh?)

Anyway, I got up..  was a bit groggy, but got myself going.  I had my shake, grabbed my coffee and went there to do that thing.  On the way in I smiled, I said "good morning" to those I passed and was generally in a good mood.  Before 7am.

In the past, this did not happen.

I would rarely say much to anyone that early as I groggily went about my morning waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

I was very typical "anti - morning person" and was not very happy to be awake and functioning at that hour.  But somewhere along the line that changed.

Don't get me wrong. I am still NOT a morning person.  At all.  In fact, I slept until 10am today since I had the day off.  This wasn't intentional, but lately this seems to be happening more and more.  And that's ok.  My body must need the rest.

But now when I go to work, I find I'm happier.  I'm more positive.  And I'm most likely a nicer person to be with in those early morning hours.

What changed??

The time didn't.
The amount of sleep I get really didn't.
The job I do didn't.

I changed.
My mindset changed.
My general mood changed.

I decided what I wanted for my life was to be happier.  And guess what?... I am!

What did it??

First off, I can tell you unequivocally it had to do with personal development.  I know *eye roll* from a lot of you..  And I know that because *I* did that too...  until I started to delve in.  And it is life-changing.  Later on I will post a list of my favorite PD books to get you going if you are interested in trying it out.  I mean for REAL.. What do you have to lose???

And secondly.. and this is even more important, because it is what got me to starting the first thing...  I decided that I was worth it.  I decided to change my life.  From the inside out.  By making my health and wellness a priority in my life.  By surrounding myself with people that lift me up and challenge me to be better every day..

If you are interested in any of these things.. I am always here to answer questions..  and to get you started on what has been such an amazing and life-changing experience for me.  You can find friend me and message me on facebook.. (the link to my profile is in the pic of me to your upper right).. or you can use the "contact me" form on here.  I would love to hear from you..  ;)

If you are already taking action to improve your life.  Let me know what you are doing!  I'm always interested in hearing new ideas!