Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Before Pictures

My fitness journey started sometime around this past summer..  Over the summer I dabbled in a few different workout programs, worked out at a gym offering group fitness training, and finally finding my way back to the programs and support that I use now.  Somewhere, towards the end of summer.. I finally "got it."  I finally found something to keep me accountable, to keep me working out, to keep me striving to be something more.. something better..  the ME, I really want to become..

And well, I haven't given up.  I'm still working at it.  Daily.  Sometimes hourly.  I am fighting for it.  I am choosing self discipline, I'm choosing my long term goals over momentary desires.. I am choosing my health.  I am choosing ME.

However, I haven't lost a crap ton of weight.. Though I know I have lost some...  probably around 10-15 pounds so far... but let's be honest, at my heaviest, I wasn't a real big fan of the scale, so I may have been heavier.  I'm not sure.

I'm still not a fan of the scale.  It only gives a number, not a picture, not a real visual of the progress that you have obtained.

I have been a bit sad that although I have worked really hard, I didn't think I had any real transformation pictures to share..  I wasn't really sure how much progress I had really made with my body.

Then it happened.

Then I went back through my phone.. curious to compare my pictures that I thought I might have taken at the beginning of the summer..  and I found them.

My "before" pics.

Before I joined a gym for the millionth time last January.

Before I went to the gym for a month or so...  burning some calories on the elliptical before getting a massage on their massage bed thing... not really seeing any results.

Before I fell off and didn't go back to that gym...

Before I saw my upline coach having fun with her "fitness" friends on a couple different trips that looked amazing and posting pictures and videos of her fitness journey.

Before I committed to a different way of tackling health and fitness,  with home workouts, real food and most importantly... those amazing "fitness friends".. a community of support.

Before I had the confidence to post these pictures.

Before I didn't give up.

Before I fully believed in ME.

Those before pictures are here, posted alongside the in progress pictures I have now.  This is a mission that is very  much  not done,  there is no after, since I am far from done with this journey.

If you would like to join me, if you would like to turn your current photos into your Before pictures, I'm here to help you, just reach out!