Thursday, January 19, 2017

Life Transformation

As seen on Facebook...  (click to find me there!)

So I keep seeing this "post one of your first pics from FB and your pic now to see how you've changed" and i thought this would be a fantastic "Transformation Tuesday" post.. Because, you see, between these 2 pictures my WHOLE LIFE changed. If you think that is dramatic.. you are mistaken..

* I was married to the girls' Dad in the first pic... it wasn't a terrible marriage, but it wasn't the right one for me.
* I was working as a teacher.
* I lived in a rented apartment.
* I wasn't too keen on make up techniques.. LOL!
* I didn't work out.
* I was always struggling financially.
* I was STRESSED with 2 tiny little girls.

Since then..
* I went back to school and changed careers.
* Married the man of my dreams.
* Struggled through the loss of my children's father.
* Got glam with the make up tricks (though I don't use them all the time.. see pic. lol)
* Learned how to take care of ME through health and fitness
* Became more financially stable
* Bought the perfect house for ME.
* oh and now I'm just STRESSED with 2 Tween/teen girls.. gah!

My life now looks NOTHING like it did 8 and a half years ago.. Why?? Some was circumstance.. some was necessity.. some was strength.. BUT through it ALL I believed that I was worth it.. i was worth TIME, I was worth MONEY, I was worth paying attention to ME and taking care of MYSELF along with my kids and my family..

I wonder what my life will look like 8 years from now.. Not so much will change so drastically, at least i hope not.. but I do know my life will get better and better.. WHY?? because I put effort into it. I am striving to work on ME daily. My fitness, my person, my relationships.. If you want to work on YOU.. reach out!! I know a girl that can help ;)