Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Easy Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken stir fry (served over brown rice or cauliflower rice)

👉🏻A couple boneless skinless chicken breasts
👉🏻Whatever veggies you like.. I like broccoli, carrots, onions, bell peppers..
👉🏻extra virgin olive oil (about 2 tbsp)
👉🏻soy sauce - 1/4 cup ish (I used 1/2 soy, 1/2 coconut aminos from Trader Joe's)
👉🏻garlic granules - or 2 cloves minced garlic
Put wok on burner, heat to med/high heat
Add oil, garlic, and soy sauce
Cut up chicken breasts and put in wok (if you only have a frying pan that'll work too) 
Let chicken brown as you cut the veggies
 Throw them on top of chicken

Stir fry all.. I often will throw a lit on and let them simmer a bit to soften the veggies
Let cook until chicken is cooked through and the veggies are to your desired softness.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Top 5 Rules for Speaking to Yourself.

Although I am a prime example of a person that goes around literally talking to themselves, I am aware that speaking aloud to oneself can garner some crazy looks from others.  So I do try to watch how much I do it in public. LOL!!

You might have more self-control than I do regarding this, but I can guarantee, that throughout the day, you have a steady stream of thoughts infiltrating your day.  Some of these are good and empowering, some.. not so much.

The good thing is that YOU and only you have the power to change your thoughts, so you can stop tearing yourself down and start empowering the crap out of YOU!

Here are a few "rules" to follow when talking to oneself in order to empower and not belittle.

1.  Talk to you as if you are talking to a friend!  If you wouldn't say it them, you shouldn't say it to you.  Even if no one else can hear it.

2.  Be careful how you are defining yourself.  What words follow "I am" in your head?? I did a whole post on the importance of these words.

3. Be gentle with yourself.  Yes you do things that aren't the most amazing at times, but repeatedly going over and over them with you isn't going to change the situation.  Analyze it, make a goal to do better, and release!

4.  Tell yourself you are the shizz.. even if you don't believe it right now.  Because if you tell yourself enough.. you will start to believe it.

5.  Be mindful of what you are allowing to make you feel "good" or "bad."  The top one I hear from women is regarding food.  They are "bad" for eating ice cream and "good" for eating kale.  Stop. Just stop.  Food is nourishment, it does not define you as good or bad.  Choose healthy, whole foods most of the time and allow yourself treats without feeling bad about you.

Do you find that you tear yourself down in your own head?  In your thoughts?  In the only place in the world YOU have total control over??  What do you do to stop yourself?  Give me your tips in the comments.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Power of "I am"

The words "I am" are the two of the most powerful words in the English language.

You see, after those two words, comes the things with which we define ourselves.  What we sincerely believe ourselves to be.  And words, my friends, thoughts, become things.

How do you talk to yourself?  Are you kind?  Are you loving?  Are you gentle?

Do you speak to yourself as you would speak to a friend or family member?

Unfortunately, for many of us, we just aren't.  We are quick to criticize ourselves.  To call ourselves fat, or ugly, or stupid... or just generally not "enough."

I get it.  I've been there.  I've been the girl who always thought her friends were better than her. Prettier, smarter, thinner, more "put together"..  generally just what I thought I wasn't.

And wished I could be.

I am the same person now.  The same "pretty," the same "smart," the same ME...

But I have learned to change my mindset.  To stop judging myself against the standards of others.  To see that being me is the best person to be.  And for everyone else, being them is who they need to be.. and it has nothing to do with me. ;)

It is freeing to adopt this mindset.

And difficult.

It requires work.

It requires a conscience effort to change your thoughts..  To be INTENTIONAL about what is going on in your own head.

Diving into those personal development books that seem to get a bad rap.. or at least an eyeroll from many...  can help you do this.  You might not think they are for you..  but why the heck not try to grow yourself!?  Try to be a better version of you and learn to accept and love yourself as you are??  Personal development is a multi million dollar industry.. I am CERTAIN there is a book, most likely many, that could help you.

Starting to do the things you thought you couldn't, but really wanted deep down inside.  And starting to become proud of yourself.

Let's be honest ladies..  only good things can come from learning to feel good about yourself.  So I challenge you today.. Take notice of your thoughts..  Take notice of those words that follow the "I am" in your brain...  Write them down.  Make a list.  And then go back and see how you are treating you..  and make the effort to flip them to the positive.  Make them loving.

I promise ladies.. YOU ARE worth the effort.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Crockpot Cheesy Chicken Taco Filling

Omg you guys.. I realize this isn't the greatest pic but this stuff is sooo good!!!

A couple boneless/skinless chicken breasts
About 2 cups of salsa
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 can corn (drained)
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
1/2 Brick of cream cheese
Throw all in crock pot (my chicken was frozen). Cook on high for 4 hours. Shred chicken. Eat in a whole wheat wrap.

I realize it's not the cleanest.. but it's sooooo good!!!! And so easy. And mostly all healthy. So it meets all the requirements for me! ❤️

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

the countdown is on!!!!

This is starting to get REAL!!!  The countdown is only 4 weeks and then it's happening...  I can't even believe it.. 

You see last summer..  I watched on Facebook while my now close friend Andrea enjoyed a trip first to Miami, and the to Nashville with her amazing team and overall just freaking sparkling group of friends.

I was drawn in by their light, by their passion and purpose and the freaking FUN they were having and I wanted to be in that club.  I wanted to surround myself with those kind of people.  And I wanted the opportunity to build my own tribe in the process.

So shortly after she returned from her trip I reached out to Andrea and became a coach..  

And now in just FOUR WEEKS Y'ALL I'm going to New Orleans to attend my first coach summit!!!!!!!  As a member of the team, as a coach that helps women feel happy and healthy and empowered and sexy again!!  I'm going to NOLA to hang with my tribe!! And learn sooo much that will help me to be a better coach for others... 

You see, I didn't join to lose weight.  (Mind blown.. 💥💥💥) I joined to be part of something that would make me a better person and would enrich my life.  Losing weight is the side effect of doing the things that make you the happiest version of yourself there is! 

And I get to show other ladies how to do that!!!!!!!  I can help you, if you are ready...  and if you want to part of the  club like I did...  there's always room For more!!  Reach out!

Friday, April 28, 2017

A different kind of #FlashbackFriday

A different kind of #flashbackfriday going down tonight...  

Flashback to Jan. 2, 2016...  a women has her husband take some "before pics". She feels crappy, defeated.  She's starting "again."  She's gained back the weight she lost the previous spring...  PLUS a few pounds..  and it's time to diet it off again....  sigh.  

No need to smile.  No one else will EVER see these pics anyway.  They are hidden away in her phone and forgotten about....  along with that "diet" a few weeks later...

Fast forward to the summer 2016..  she has been doing some things, working on her health again..  and she sees a girl she bows a little bit posting all the time about her workouts and food and mostly her freaking amazing group of friends that all keep each other accountable. 

She's sick of trying it alone..  so she reaches out.  Gets out of her own way, INVESTS some money, time, and work into herself..  and

Exactly a year later she find these pictures.. hidden in her phone... 

But she doesn't want to hide them anymore..  she's ready to share them!!!  Because they no longer are of her...  they are of her before... 

✨Before she believed in herself...

✨Before she decided to really TRY

✨before she realized that you don't have to "diet"

✨before she found some of the best friends she's ever had

✨before she changed her life.

And I want you to know that you can do this too!  I never thought then I'd be doing what I do now.  I never thought I could put myself "out there" like that friend (my coach Andrea 💕).  I never thought I could have the results that I have.  But I got them.  Through hard work, consistency, investing in myself and with the support of an amazing community..  

Want to join me?  Want to make some pictures YOUR before pictures??  Reach out,  shoot me a message..  JOIN MY FREE FB COMMUNITY at www.passionatelyhappyandfit.com and start to take action on those dreams you have of becoming the girl you were always meant to be! ❤️

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What kind of mom are you?

I have been a mother now for over 13 years.

For some reason that seems insane to me.. because honestly, when the hell do we actually get the hang of this??  I feel like some days, I have my shizz together... but other days.. oy vey.

But here's the deal.  I have come to realize over the last 13 years+  that I have it together ENOUGH for me and my kids.

I have kind of been dealt the jackpot when it comes to children.  Besides the occasional teen girl angst, I have good responsible kids, who excel in school, complain now and then, can be asshats to me, but are amazing to others..  (of course, right?).

But what I really have learned over the years is that, I'm really not like other moms... at least not in some ways.

My kids are generally independent and can do a lot of things themselves.  Not because they are super kids that wear capes (though *I* think they are ;) )  But because, dudes, I was so NOT interested in doing all that shit for them.   If they decided to pack their lunches, or had to pack, they did and continue to do so themselves.  (A 9 year old can totally make her own sandwich, in case you were wondering. ) I make sure there are good, healthy options and they take care of that crap.  When they were smaller I provided more guidance..  Now??  If you want to survive on an apple and a cheese stick for 6 hours.. more power to ya girlfriend.  But i guarantee they will make a better choice the next day.  (DISCLAIMER: I don't starve my kids. *insert eye roll*)

I also do not get up at the ass crack of dawn to get middle school age children, that are perfectly capable of setting an alarm on their overpriced phones that I pay a TON of money for, out of bed.  They can do that.  They can also comb their hair, brush their teeth, grab some breakfast and get on the bus on time.  They do it, and have for years now, because they don't know any different.  (And because.. you know, like is said "kid jackpot" over here).

As a working mom most of my girls school career, I wasn't able to attend every party, field trip, or birthday.. but I did do most of them.  However ladies,  I always brought the paper products, or the drinks, or the chips.. because I am not a Pinterest mom and that's ok too.  I don't feel bad and neither should you, whether you are or you are not.

Here's the thing ladies.  I'm a mom, but I'm still me.  And being me is an anti-housework, non-baking, not super "maternal" lady.. BUT I love my girls fiercely.  I put them FIRST in my life, I make sure they have everything they need, and too much of what they want.  I support them.  I stand up for them.  I'm their biggest cheerleader.  And whether you are a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a Pinterest mom or a whatever kind of mom I am..  I think that's all you have to do to be a GREAT mom.

 But don't tell everyone..  I don't want to give up my #worldsokayestmom title anytime soon.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Super Special Transformation Tuesday..

Today is a Super Extra Special Transformation Tuesday for me..  
This is my VERY FIRST Facebook profile picture.. (circa 2009??) and my current one..

Both pics involve bathing suits and a beach. 

But BOTH are VERY different..
In that first pic, I was a young(er :) ) mom of 2, out on a beach rocking a bikini.  BUT.. I was not confident in myself.. NO WAY was I allowing a real picture of me in that thing to show up on Facebook.. or anywhere else for that matter.. I felt OK wearing it.. but not confident enough to really own it.
I thought i looked OK, but definitely didn't feel AMAZING and didn't own the @#$% out of it..
Fast Forward to NOW.. well last week.. I not only rocked this bikini but a couple others.. and i not only would allow pics of myself in it, I took them my damn self!! 
Not because I think my body is perfect, not because I don't have things I still want to improve, but because I have put in the work.. on both my body and my mind that now i feel confident, sexy, and HOT and OWN the HELL out of my body and my LIFE..  
And Ladies, this isn't all about a bikini.  Maybe you have no desire to ever rock one of those again, and that is ok too, but the point is, you DESERVE to feel good about yourself, how you look, what you do, and just WHO you are.  I have discovered the secrets to doing this and I'm ready to share them with you!!

If you want to feel amazing, confident, energized, and yes, SEXY!!  too... 
JOIN ME next week for my brand new totally FREE and FABULOUS!!
"Ignite your Confidence and Spark you Energy Challenge!!!!"
During the 5 day challenge we wlll talk about how to

ditch the bullshit
find your motivation
Have more energy
Step the HELL OUT of your comfort zone
and feel freaking unstoppable!!!!
interested?? make sure you Sign up HERE >>>http://eepurl.com/cMqZff
And PLEASE Share this!!! I KNOW there are women out there that are longing to feel amazing in their own skin just like I was..

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My 3 TIPS for CRUSHING Anxiety

Anxiety is something that creeps up on my from time to time.  Often, it is situational, but sometimes, I feel anxious and unsettled for no real reason at all.

Although I don't always know where those uncomfortable feelings are coming from, it doesn't mean that I can't take some actions to reduce my anxiety and make myself feel more like myself.  Over the past few years, I have found a few things that definitely help to keep the unsettledness away.

So here they are..  My top 3 tips for CRUSHING anxiety..

#1  Move your body.
 For reals yo.  You need to work out.  Or take a walk.  You need to kick your own ass for lack of a better terms.  It will help you work off some of that nervous energy, and get you feeling PROUD of yourself for doing something amazing for yourself.

My most favorite workouts are the ones I can do at home!  I'm sure you aren't surprised, but for me, just getting off my couch and working out is so much less overwhelming than having to make myself somewhat presentable, and go to a gym.  Add in that ride to and from the gym.. and forget it.

Basically though ..  just find something that works for you.

#2 Personal Development.
 I mean it ladies, find your zen!  Read some dang books, or listen to them on audible about how to take control of your life, how to wade through the CRAP that life throws at us and come out of it able to still find JOY.  EVERYONE can grow as a person.  Every single person.  We ALL have crap thoughts and bad days and times when we fell out of control.  I promise you that PD can HELP.

Don't know where to start? Here are a few of my faves..

You are a BadAss; How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

#3 Choose JOY and GRATITUDE
We cannot control what happens in our lives, but we CAN control how we react to it.  It is NOT always going to be simple or easy, but you CAN choose JOY.  You CAN find SOMETHING good in your life.  Focus on that.

Life will hand you shit guys.  It WILL.  NO ONE goes through life without troubles, without pain, without having HARD things to deal with.  Life is HARD.  Life comes with pain, hurt, and sadness.  It comes with grief, and agony at times.

But I will tell you one thing for sure. FOR SURE.  There is also happiness, joy, excitement, and peace.  All the time.  All of these things in life are there ALL. THE. TIME.

Sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find the good.  But it's always there.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Diets are Dumb.

There I said it.

Diets.  Are.  DUMB.

To me a "diet" would be defined as a short term deprivation of calories in order to lose weight. 

Diets are short term.

Diets don't work.

They don't. 

I mean you might lose the pounds that you are aiming for.  You might reach a weight goal, but if once you have reached that goal you go back to your old eating habits... guess what???  You will eventually gain it back.

And then go on another dumb diet.

And then lose it.

And then gain it back...

And on, and on and on...  

You get the point.

What I do is different.  I have changed my life.  my nutrition. my mindset.

I don't diet. 

I still eat pizza, and tacos.  And candy.  And whatever the hell I want.  

SOME of the time.

And I STILL get results.  I'm still seeing PROGRESS every month.

Do you want to learn how?  

Join me for my free 5 Day Challenge and BREAK the Yoyo Diet Cycle!!!  

We SMASH the Yoyo starting on Monday, March 20th.

Sign up HERE!! 

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Find your tribe!

This is something that I have intentionally set out to do.  If you recall it is actually on my vision board.

Surround myself with people that are supportive, loving, full of light and life and JOY!!

And I'm happy to say I've found it!  

But it wasn't without purpose or intention that I did it.  

I decided that I was ready to get out of my own way.  I was ready to put myself out there.  To invest in myself, in making ME better, in challenging myself and in getting the hell OUT of my own way.

Too many times we are paralyzed by fear.  We think, "wow, she does some really cool stuff and has great friends, I wish I had that,"  but we are too afraid to put ourselves out there and CREATE our own life. 

I'm happy to report I've decided to live out my life to spite my fears.  

I've JUMPED out of my comfort on many occasions in the past 6 months or so and I am going to tell you all one thing.  EVERY. SINGLE. TIME has been 1000% worth it.  

* I signed up as a health and fitness coach and started my own business.
* I have reached out and ENGAGED in my challenge groups and coach groups
* I put myself out there
* I made friends.
* and I WENT out and did the things, I went to coach events alone, I just introduced myself to people and kept on building the relationships..  

Why?  Because this is IMPORTANT.  If you want to be successful in LIFE,  you need to surround yourself with people that push you to be your best.  You need people in your life that encourage to be the LIGHT in the world.. to find JOY in every day.  You need those who will call you out on your own bullshit and PUSH you to better yourself day in and day out.  


As fast as you can. 

I cannot tell you grateful I am that I have.   

And if you need a push.  If you want to be part of my tribe...  hit me up!!!  As my friend Andrea says #theresalwaysroomformoredopebitches

Friday, March 10, 2017

It's OK to think YOU are Amazing.

I'll be honest you guys.. I think I'm pretty amazing.

No, that doesn't mean I'm cocky, stuck up, or conceited.

It means I'm CONFIDENT.

I love who I am.  What I do.  The PERSON I am.

And that is OK.

It is OK to look in the mirror and think "Damn, I'm hot!!!"

As women, and PEOPLE, we are all too often afraid of truly loving ourselves.  And definitely afraid of putting it out there if we do for all to see.  We are afraid of what others will think of us.  We are afraid to be viewed as someone who thinks they are "better than everyone else" or "needs to be brought down a peg."

I'm here to tell you that that is ridiculous.  It is possible to be confident in who you are and to love YOU.  It doesn't mean you think you are better, it means you recognize your own value, your own gifts, your own talents, and take the time to empower yourself.   It is also OK to see everyone else as just as amazing and awesome as you.  To see everyone as uniquely valuable with their own set of amazing gifts and talents.

For some reason, it is more socially acceptable to put yourself down.  To constantly talk about how busy you are, how tired you are, how much you need to lose weight, how you are "bad" for making an unhealthy food choice.

Again, guys, it's OK to be amazing.  It's OK to feel good.  It's OK to prioritize your life in a way that makes YOU not feel crappy.  It's ok to sparkle the hell out of this life!!

I used to be like this.  Heck, I still tend towards the complainer side of life, but I have consciously decided to change that the best I can. To NOTICE when I am complaining, when I am negative, when I have made choices to do things in life that run me down and deplete my energy.

I have started doing things in my life that make me proud of ME and make me feel good.  I eat healthy, whole foods (MOST of the time), I workout, I play with makeup, I fix my hair, I set goals, I set intentions and I DO the things that make me FEEL good and that will keep me moving toward the girl I want to be.

It's all about choosing who you want to be and doing the things that SHE does.  I'm telling you, once you start working on you and becoming the person you were always destined to be.. the confidence comes, the self-love comes, the sparkle SHOWS!!

It's a process and I'm growing.

Are you?

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

if you aren't ready to change everything.. just start by changing SOMETHING

If you aren't yet ready to make big changes for your health, why not start small with a goal you find easier this week.

For example you could.. 

✨ Make it a goal to switch out your drink of choice for water at lunch each day.

✨ Swap out your sandwich for a salad just twice this week. 

✨ Make it a goal to eat 2 servings of fruit each day.

✨ Switch ground turkey in for your ground beef this week at the grocery store. 

✨ Take a 15 minute walk each day 

✨ Eat 3 servings of veggies each day for a week

✨ Try one new healthy recipe each week for a month

✨ Pack your lunch this week instead of ordering out

You see, you don't have to make a huge sweeping change to start to get healthy.. 

Don't get me wrong none of these little goals I have listed here will cause you to lose a ton of weight or gain muscle tone, or anything huge. if you have those big goals then you WILL have to make bigger changes.  

But these goals WILL help to make you healthier.  

They WILL set you on the right path. 

AND they will give you something small and attainable, so that you can start to CRUSH goals (no matter how small) and be PROUD of yourself. 

What do you think of these small goals?  Are they things you would try? Are they things you already do?

Are you ready to crush bigger goals?? Let me know!  I'm here to help! (To get started, go on over to my Passionately Happy and Fit Motivation group and get ready to CRUSH those goals! )

Monday, March 6, 2017

How to measure your progress WITHOUT the scale.

The scale is a jerk.

I will be honest with you..  it is a JERK.  And a liar.

Did you know that it can fluctuate by 5 pounds in a DAY depending on how much water you are retaining..  whether you have had a bowel movement.. if you have just eaten..

It doesn't make sense to put so much stock into that numerical readout that we let it determine our feelings of success, happiness, and even self worth.

Break up with it!!

There are other ways to measure your progress and success.

1.  Take pictures.

This is my number one, favorite way to measure progress.

Take them.

Make sure to take various angles.  Side and back views as well.

NOW.  Go.  Take them.

I'm waiting..

Did you do it??

Now you don't have to share them with anyone but you.  But have them.

Now set a date to take new ones..

I usually do mine about a month apart.  It gives my body time to change.   It gives me TIME to make progress.  This is not a fast process.  Not if you are doing it the healthy way.

After you have the new photos, place them side by side with the first ones you took.. (You know, the ones you JUST took when I asked you to.)

And now you can SEE the progress.

Here are some of mine.  There isn't a very big difference in the numbers on the scale that coincide with these pictures.  But you can SEE the differences that I'm making.. you can SEE the progress.

To me that means more.

2. Take measurements

I mean, I get it..  while pictures may be worth a thousand words, we like to see concrete numbers as a way to get it into our heads that we are progressing.  

When I take my measurements I take my both arms, both thighs, my hips, my chest and around my waist at my belly button and 2 inches below it.  

I put my measurements in a note in my phone so I always know where I have them and I'm not searching for the paper I wrote them down on.  

Again, I suggest doing this and taking them again in a month.  A month is generally enough time to give yourself the chance to make some real progress.

3. Strength

This one is not so cut and dry.  For this one you need to pay attention..   

Answer the following questions.

  • Where do I need to stop this exercise?  Is there a part in the video, or routine, or class or whatever it is you are doing that you need to stop?  Where you are winded or tired?
  • How many push ups/ sit ups/ crunches can I do?
  • How do I feel at the middle of this workout?  
  • How do I feel towards the end?
Basically, pay attention to what you can do and how you feel during a workout.  And take note of that.  

Notice the differences in how you are getting through workouts. Are you doing more repetitions?  Are you able to do the harder versions of an exercise?

Take note of your victories and celebrate each one as your strength improves.

Finding different ways to celebrate and measure your fitness progress will help to get you through the times that the scale isn't being your friend.  It will help you to SEE the differences you are making and help you to feel PROUD of you for the work you are doing. 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Shredded Buffalo Chicken

This is a SUPER easy recipe that I tend to make a couple times a month.  It is clean-ish, healthy, tasty and simple.. as you know..  all requirements for anything I make frequently..


Frank's Red Hot sauce (about 8 oz)
1 Hidden Valley Ranch seasoning packet (putting the -ish in Cleanish ;) )
Boneless, Skinless Chicken breasts

To make.. Put all ingredients in crock pot.  i generally put in the hot sauce, then the seasoning and mix.  Add the chicken breasts and roll around in crock pot to cover with sauce.

Let cook for 4 hours on high.


I use this in wraps or on top of salads..  or if i'm feeling really fancy, I'll throw some inside a quesadilla..


Friday, January 27, 2017

My Growth Game is Strong

Growth and self improvement happens slowly, over time, and a lot of time you don't even notice yourself changing until you do..

At least that is how it happened for me..

The other day I got up for work (I have to be there at 7am)  and got ready and went in..  (exciting story so far, eh?)

Anyway, I got up..  was a bit groggy, but got myself going.  I had my shake, grabbed my coffee and went there to do that thing.  On the way in I smiled, I said "good morning" to those I passed and was generally in a good mood.  Before 7am.

In the past, this did not happen.

I would rarely say much to anyone that early as I groggily went about my morning waiting for the caffeine to kick in.

I was very typical "anti - morning person" and was not very happy to be awake and functioning at that hour.  But somewhere along the line that changed.

Don't get me wrong. I am still NOT a morning person.  At all.  In fact, I slept until 10am today since I had the day off.  This wasn't intentional, but lately this seems to be happening more and more.  And that's ok.  My body must need the rest.

But now when I go to work, I find I'm happier.  I'm more positive.  And I'm most likely a nicer person to be with in those early morning hours.

What changed??

The time didn't.
The amount of sleep I get really didn't.
The job I do didn't.

I changed.
My mindset changed.
My general mood changed.

I decided what I wanted for my life was to be happier.  And guess what?... I am!

What did it??

First off, I can tell you unequivocally it had to do with personal development.  I know *eye roll* from a lot of you..  And I know that because *I* did that too...  until I started to delve in.  And it is life-changing.  Later on I will post a list of my favorite PD books to get you going if you are interested in trying it out.  I mean for REAL.. What do you have to lose???

And secondly.. and this is even more important, because it is what got me to starting the first thing...  I decided that I was worth it.  I decided to change my life.  From the inside out.  By making my health and wellness a priority in my life.  By surrounding myself with people that lift me up and challenge me to be better every day..

If you are interested in any of these things.. I am always here to answer questions..  and to get you started on what has been such an amazing and life-changing experience for me.  You can find friend me and message me on facebook.. (the link to my profile is in the pic of me to your upper right).. or you can use the "contact me" form on here.  I would love to hear from you..  ;)

If you are already taking action to improve your life.  Let me know what you are doing!  I'm always interested in hearing new ideas!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

3 Ingredient Pancakes

These babies are super simple, super nutritious, and taste great..  (basically my 3 necessities for food.. ;) )

1 Banana
2 eggs
1/2 cup oats (i used regular Quaker oats)

Put in blender.  Blend until it looks "pancake batter-like"

And cook like you would any old pancake!!

Use pure maple syrup to top if you want to keep it "clean."  or these are great plain too..


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Life Transformation

As seen on Facebook...  (click to find me there!)

So I keep seeing this "post one of your first pics from FB and your pic now to see how you've changed" and i thought this would be a fantastic "Transformation Tuesday" post.. Because, you see, between these 2 pictures my WHOLE LIFE changed. If you think that is dramatic.. you are mistaken..

* I was married to the girls' Dad in the first pic... it wasn't a terrible marriage, but it wasn't the right one for me.
* I was working as a teacher.
* I lived in a rented apartment.
* I wasn't too keen on make up techniques.. LOL!
* I didn't work out.
* I was always struggling financially.
* I was STRESSED with 2 tiny little girls.

Since then..
* I went back to school and changed careers.
* Married the man of my dreams.
* Struggled through the loss of my children's father.
* Got glam with the make up tricks (though I don't use them all the time.. see pic. lol)
* Learned how to take care of ME through health and fitness
* Became more financially stable
* Bought the perfect house for ME.
* oh and now I'm just STRESSED with 2 Tween/teen girls.. gah!

My life now looks NOTHING like it did 8 and a half years ago.. Why?? Some was circumstance.. some was necessity.. some was strength.. BUT through it ALL I believed that I was worth it.. i was worth TIME, I was worth MONEY, I was worth paying attention to ME and taking care of MYSELF along with my kids and my family..

I wonder what my life will look like 8 years from now.. Not so much will change so drastically, at least i hope not.. but I do know my life will get better and better.. WHY?? because I put effort into it. I am striving to work on ME daily. My fitness, my person, my relationships.. If you want to work on YOU.. reach out!! I know a girl that can help ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Why make a Vision Board?

I just finished making something that I never have done before.  I had always heard about vision boards, but wasn't really into doing one.

But, as we all do from time to time, I changed my mind.

I made my vision board so I can have my dreams in front of my face every. single. day.

So I can SEE my goals right there in front of me.

So there is a physical reminder of what I am working toward.

So I put my dreams and goals "out there" and commit to them.

I also just love that it's pretty.  haha.

I believe that by seeing this every day, by taking the time to really look at it, I will be inspired to work for my goals.

To make it, I decided I wanted it to be pretty hanging on my wall, so I bought a poster type frame.  And I used scrapbook paper, pictures and sayings printed off of Pinterest and a few pretty stickers, along with a glue gun to create the board.  I just used glued everything right onto the back board of the frame..  And there you have it!

This year, I've started off really focusing on my goals and working on really focusing on what my goals and dreams are for this life.  I am really focused on creating and designing my life as best as I can.  And yes, I'm currently reading The Desire Map and using powersheets to help me!

Have you ever done anything like this?  Did it work for you?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Before Pictures

My fitness journey started sometime around this past summer..  Over the summer I dabbled in a few different workout programs, worked out at a gym offering group fitness training, and finally finding my way back to the programs and support that I use now.  Somewhere, towards the end of summer.. I finally "got it."  I finally found something to keep me accountable, to keep me working out, to keep me striving to be something more.. something better..  the ME, I really want to become..

And well, I haven't given up.  I'm still working at it.  Daily.  Sometimes hourly.  I am fighting for it.  I am choosing self discipline, I'm choosing my long term goals over momentary desires.. I am choosing my health.  I am choosing ME.

However, I haven't lost a crap ton of weight.. Though I know I have lost some...  probably around 10-15 pounds so far... but let's be honest, at my heaviest, I wasn't a real big fan of the scale, so I may have been heavier.  I'm not sure.

I'm still not a fan of the scale.  It only gives a number, not a picture, not a real visual of the progress that you have obtained.

I have been a bit sad that although I have worked really hard, I didn't think I had any real transformation pictures to share..  I wasn't really sure how much progress I had really made with my body.

Then it happened.

Then I went back through my phone.. curious to compare my pictures that I thought I might have taken at the beginning of the summer..  and I found them.

My "before" pics.

Before I joined a gym for the millionth time last January.

Before I went to the gym for a month or so...  burning some calories on the elliptical before getting a massage on their massage bed thing... not really seeing any results.

Before I fell off and didn't go back to that gym...

Before I saw my upline coach having fun with her "fitness" friends on a couple different trips that looked amazing and posting pictures and videos of her fitness journey.

Before I committed to a different way of tackling health and fitness,  with home workouts, real food and most importantly... those amazing "fitness friends".. a community of support.

Before I had the confidence to post these pictures.

Before I didn't give up.

Before I fully believed in ME.

Those before pictures are here, posted alongside the in progress pictures I have now.  This is a mission that is very  much  not done,  there is no after, since I am far from done with this journey.

If you would like to join me, if you would like to turn your current photos into your Before pictures, I'm here to help you, just reach out!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goals for the New Year, 2017 Edition.

I think it's counterproductive to set resolutions according to some preconceived notion of what things you think you "should" be doing. However, I do think it's valuable to set goals, dreams, visions and desires for your life. To live your life intentionally and with vision! So for this year.. my goals so far... (i am still working to identify some more for the year.. I cannot WAIT until my planner arrives.. )

For me, I think i'm going to focus on the following..

* Continue to develop a positive outlook and mindset with a focus on GRATITUDE!  There is a push to identify your "word of the year" and I am still trying to identify  mine.. but I am tending towards "Gratitude" as mine.

* Continue to build my health coaching business and make progress in my own health and fitness AND help other women work on their health and fitness and start their own businesses. I need to sit down and decide what this looks like.

*MEAL PLANNING.. so sick of spending money on food that gets tossed.. I plan on making bigger meals the days before I work, so i have healthy lunches and have the fridge stocked with healthy meals for my family too!! I want to get intentional about this in the year to come and I will be sharing with all of you!!!  I already have a calendar printed out and on our refrigerator with this week's meals.  No new recipes on it yet though as this is going to be a busy "short" week in our house and I just haven't gotten there yet.

* BUDGET!!! We did so excellent with this in 2015 and got away from in entirely in 2016 and our finances show it. My favorite budgeting program is "You Need a Budget" or YNAB. I have this all set for us again!

*Travel!! This year it's looking like a getaway to Columbus, OH in April (visiting the Columbus zoo and Kalahari waterpark.. ) or possible somewhere else within a 6 hour-ish driving radius, Beachbody Summit in New Orleans, LA in July, and Walt Disney World in August. I want to focus on an international trip in 2018 or 2019.. i want to go to Thailand.

*Friendships - I plan to deepen my friendships and focus more on them in the upcoming year!! I want to make coffee dates with amazing people and surround myself with women that empower and lift each other UP!

What are you focusing on in the year to come???  (Leave it in the comments!!!)

Is anyone interested in a FREE gratitude & goals group this month?? Message me, leave a comment, or find me on Facebook!!!

I am working on a vision/manifestation board in the next couple weeks to put on my bedroom wall and keep me focused and dreaming in the direction I intend..  I'll be sure to share when it is completed.