Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Core de force.. week 3B

I'd love to write this post as a day by day post like I've done with the last few... But to be honest here, I can't.  The past few weeks I wrote those posts in parts as the week went on.. this past week, nothing got written....

Anyway folks, I did week 3 of CDF over again, as I stated I would be in my last post. I followed the calendar and got the majority of my workouts in.. ..  my nutrition was ok..  it was honestly, you guys.. just an average week in the life...

Life has gotten in the way with this program..

Life gets in the way a lot of the time.

When I originally started this program, these workouts, this nutrition plan, this blog series... I intended to go all in.. (minus Thanksgiving) and document my results and my journey.. and show it can be done.

It has happened, but not really in the way I intended.  And that is OK.

I am not perfect.  I have life stresses.  I suffer from anxiety and depression at times.  I let things get to to me.  I like to take one thing and let it build up in my mind until it's going to ruin my entire life... in theory.   But, I'm not letting myself do that anymore.  I'm catching myself, and I'm flipping that crap in my head...

The old me would have used these stresses and the not following this 100% as I'd intended as an excuse to quit.  I mean if it's not perfect, why bother...

Well, I hate to tell you.. and me... that that is total bullshit.  There is no need to be perfect.  Nobody is perfect.  It is important to just TRY and DO YOU BEST.

That is it.

Just do your best.

The 30 days I originally picked to do this program, just weren't the right 30 days for me.  And that is ok.  Does it mean that all the work I've done doesn't matter??? Does it mean that is impossible to stick to a program for 30 days?? Does it mean i'm a failure??

Nope.  Sorry.  It means I'm human.  It means that shit happens. It means it's a bad time of year.

But guess what guys.. i'm still here..I'm still going.  I'm still finishing.

And with that.. I'm on week 4.. The home stretch :)

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