Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Getting OFF the Struggle Bus

It's no secret that I think health and fitness are important...  However, I also enjoy things like candy, margaritas, cookies, cake... etc, etc, etc..  I am a HUGE believer in balance.  It is so important to create a healthy life where you generally choose good, whole foods, but occasionally splurge..  one day I came home from work and this box was sitting on the table....  for 🐺 sake!!!!!  I do. Or have enough willpower in my entire body.. 😂

This has been me lately.  I've been basically in maintenance mode..  not losing any weight, not really gaining anything either.. So not too bad.

On the other hand.. I have goals.  I do not have the body I want yet.  I love me, don't get me wrong and i don't think there is anything wrong with my body.. but.. like I said.. goals!

So, I've decided to get off my arse and stick to a program for the full, allotted program time.  In this case, 30 days.  After I will likely continue.. but it is time for this mama to see some RESULTS.  and i'm not getting the results I want because even though i'm continuing to work out, I'm not sticking to the meal plan....

Sooo starting this past Monday, I BEGAN sticking to the meal plan.. I am not going to allow myself to make excuses about food.  I am going to stick to the program and follow the instructions.. and I fully plan to amaze myself and all of you with the results!!!! 

Stay tuned for weekly updates on how it's going..  meal prep/planning ideas/new recipes and maybe even some workout pics/videos as the month goes on.

In addition, it is November.  The traditional month for the gratitude posts to begin showing up on your facebook feeds.  And although many things may be irritating to see over and over again, people being thankful.. that's one thing I'd love to see more of..

You see, it's no secret that my life has changed.. it has taken a 180 degree turn in many ways, from changing careers, to buying a house, to beginning to build my business and I am crazy thankful for the faith I had to just JUMP when there was leap of faith to be taken.

I have transformed my whole LIFE from what it once was...  and that is not something that is easy, but it is always something to be grateful for..  Creating a life you love.

I am continuing to do that.. continuing to work on me, both inside AND out.  You see when you look around are truly grateful for the things that you have and the life you are designing.. it's awfully hard to feel miserable, and it's damn near impossible to feel sorry for yourself over the things you don't have!

And when life throws you a curve ball.. and know darn well that it will,  if you are focusing on the things that you CAN change, and what you have control over, you are much happier.