Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Core de Force... week 3..A?


So this week didn't happen quite the way I'd envisioned.   Having a day or two off from workouts, a day or 2 to indulge in some heavier foods.  Yeah..  a day, or Two??  Turned into 4 days off.

I'm not complaining or beating myself up about it.  Life happens.  I want to be someone who shows you it doesn't have to be ALL or nothing.  You can indulge in your favorite foods and still get results..  As long as you are smart about it and get back on track in a reasonable amount of time.  :)

So here is how, what i'm now calling Week 3A, went...


This was a double workout day and I got both in..

 and killed the meal plan!!  woot!  Check that out...


This was a difficult day for me.  A day that would have normally made my anxiety start to take a front seat and leave me on the couch for hours.  Instead.. i made different choices..

My "feel better trifecta" tonight... I am someone that is generally laid back. Until I'm not. Then I'm REALLY NOT. I struggle a bit with anxiety and depression and when things happen that I have no further control over that could effect my life... I tend to freak out... I worry and worry and cry and worry.. and.. we'll, you get it. Today something had me feeling that way... and freak out mode began... but instead of staying in that place as I would have before. I pulled myself out. I did it! I made myself suck it up through my crying headache and do my workout. And I felt better.. (what!?!). Then a hot bubble bath and some Wayne dyer on audible... well.. that was amazing.

I wouldn't have been able to do this if I hadn't made the decision to work on me... I made the choice to work not only on my body but on my mindset. It all connects after all. I am forever grateful for that choice and the friends I've made along the way!!! Even on these crappy days.. because these days is when that choice matters the most! ❤️️


This day started out with me being cancelled from the extra shift I picked up.  That happens when they simply don't need another nurse for staffing.  I honestly don't recall a lot about this day..  other than I got my workout in and my meal plan was spot on.... 

This was  the last day before the fall...  :P

Thursday - Sunday
So this all started when i didn't have to work on Thanksgiving..  it was awesome! lol.  Our hospital overstaffs on holidays to ensure there are enough people to take care of the patients.  And then, according to how many people are actually there and things like seniority and how many low census days you have had this year, you will get a call asking if you would like to stay home..  I got the call.  And I stayed home. :)

I got to watch the Thanksgiving Day parade for the first time in years.  A sacred thing that this tradition loving girl truly appreciates.  Unfortunately my children have somehow missed the "tradition is sacred" gene..  WHAT??!?!  Eh whatevs, I got to see my parade. :)

Then we had Thanksgiving dinner with my husband's family. <3  And I got to attend.  I was more than excited.  

Afterwords my sister and I headed out on our yearly, Black Friday.. (errr..black Thanksgiving night??)  shopping run.  We had a blast and spend some quality time together.  I honestly look forward to this outing every year.  and NO KIDS are allowed, and only momentary visits from husbands, in case they are needed to grab a "one per customer" item, or haul home a bulky item.  This is all much to our young teens' dismay.  Oh well kiddos.. you can go when you can drive yourselves... maybe.

Friday is generally my thanksgiving.  My mom switched it a few years ago to accommodate me when I became a nurse and had to work the holiday mostly.. and also to accommodate in-laws and our black friday shopping habit that has creeped its way into Thursday evening.  Overall, it's awesome and works out really well for our family.
Saturday well, I have no excuse.. and Sunday.. well no real excuse either besides we went to cut down our Christmas tree.  A real tree is a MUST for me.  See above, about traditions.  ;)

So guys fitness wise, this week started off strong and ended up being a wash.  And that's ok.  I took some time to figure out how to handle it.. and I decided to just do week 3 of the program over again.  After this round I will be doing another.. with hopefully better results, now that I won't be interrupted by the holidays..  If you are wanting to join me..  you don't have to be perfect.. Obviously, I'm not.  You just have to try..