Sunday, November 13, 2016

Core de Force Week 1

Lost of things going on this week...  The biggest one though besides the election.. is the start of my new fitness program.  Starting this program, being a part of something NEW, being in a group of coaches that are also doing it with me, encouraging me, and motivating me.. has breathed new life into my fitness journey..

I plan to use this as the week goes on and publish it after my results pics from each week has been taken, so i can share with you all. ..


Monday (DAY 1) - Day 1 went as well as can be expected.  It was the first and shortest workout, but it makes you feel like a legit badass!! it was so fun...  and by eating on plan I actually felt really good as well..    Kinda like Rocky!!!  haha!!

Tuesday (Day 2) - Day 2's workout is called Dynamic strength and it is seriously bananas!!! lol.  It is definitely challenging but is the kind of workout that I will get better as I get stronger and fitter as this program progresses..  

Another highlight of today is that I tried a new food.. well kinda.  it's an old food in a new way..  

Riced cauliflower..  I got this exact bag at Trader Joes and just took some, put it in a frying pan with some organic EVOO, and some salt and pepper and sauteed it for a bit.. then i added a bit of water to help soften it up.  After it cooked a bit I threw in a handful of Sharp Cheddar cheese shreds and a couple tablespoons of almond milk...   My husband claims to hate cauliflower.. imagine his surprise when I told him what he was shoveling into his mouth by the forkful... (hahahahahaha.. he thought it was quinoa???? lol)

Wednesday/Thursday (Days 3 & 4)

These days went really well....  I got my workouts in.  I think my favorite so far is MMA speed.. but I haven't gotten to try them all yet.  I really am also starting to see some changes in my body.. I'm down nearly 2 pounds in 4 days?!?!  What the what?!!  Insane.. and amazing.. haha.

I also tried the 2 5 minute workout add ons they have in the program these days.. i did "5 Minute Core on the Floor" first.  It's a 5 minute plank workout.  I am a fan. And I'm looking forward to the day I can do all 5 minutes up on my toes.. right now, I'm definitely modifying some to my knees.  However, since this isn't even on the official program schedule for this week.. i'm happy I added it on.

I'm also feeling sore.  It's a good sore, but of course, it is always good to combat that a bit.  So, in addition to using some Performance Line Recover after my workouts, I also did the 5 minute Recovery workout before bed on Day 4.  It's just a 5 minute stretch sesh.. but it feels nice. ;)

Also on Day 4, with my legs feeling like rubber I stepped off my front porch onto my driveway and rolled my right ankle.. and FELL on my left knee.  not cool, guys, not cool.  So I ended the day feeling a bit sore and banged up.

Friday (Day 5)

I had to work this day, so I already knew it would be a struggle.  (I work 12 hour shifts as an ICU RN and it's difficult to get a workout in on these days.)  But this was a HARD day at work.  I was tired, probably partially from not getting to sleep as early as I'd liked, and partially from my workouts, and I just wasn't feeling the best.  I slipped up slightly on my meal plan..  I had a couple cookies and a bit of chocolate. @@  le sigh.  Although, I bring healthy things to work, sometimes the stress of the day gets to me.. and well, chocolate.

I had planned to workout when i got home regardless, but I got out of work and hour late, and my body was sore from the big tumble on Thursday.  So I took an unplanned day off to hopefully let my body rest and heal.

Saturday (Day 6)

Nothing too exciting this day.. except well.. WEEKEND!! woot!  I don't have to work this weekend which I always like, except my husband had to!!  Blah!!  lol.    He had to go to work in the early afternoon, so I ferried my daughters around for the day.  Well one of them.. only my younger one has dance classes on Saturday.  After we were home from that, I totally wasn't really feeling my workout.. but I pushed play anyway.. :)

Today was MMA Shred, I so enjoy these punching/kicking days!!!  I tried to go a bit easier on my still slightly strange feeling foot, but I still got in a killer workout.  It is so easy to just give up and NOT workout. Especially when you are feeling sore, and tired, and just not all about it.  BUT I will tell you something I've learned over the past few months..  You feel so much better about YOU when you JUST DO THE THING.. JUST do the work.. Just get OUT of your own way... soo..

Day 6 DONE!!

Tomorrow the girls have a dance convention, so I will be getting up early and getting in my last full workout of the week.  Sundays on this program, or the last day of your week anyway, are supposed to be just an active recovery day.. well there is an actual workout called "Active Recovery" lol.  But since I took a day off on Friday, I'm going to get up and do the last full workout of week 1 in the morning... and Active Recovery before bed.  

Day 7 (Sunday)

Followed my plan and got my workout in early before the girls' dance convention today..  Had Moe's for lunch.. but besides my shake that is about all I ate today.  So not totally "on plan" but the best I could do.. :)

Had a great day with these kids!!!  Will be sharing my WEEK 1 Transformation/Progress Pics tomorrow.. so stay tuned!!!