Monday, October 10, 2016

chase your wildest dreams

If someone has told me in 2010 that in 2016 I would be a critical care nurse I'd have laughed in their face!  At the time I was a struggling teacher trying to gain traction in a job market that well, wasn't kind to me.  I was working in a school with no support from the administration, the staff, the students even for the most part.  I worked 24/7, I felt stuck.  I was depressed.  I cried a lot and lost 20 pounds from not eating and not sleeping..  basically from worrying myself sick.  Yet, I couldn't see a way out.  

The school year ended that June and it seemed like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders...  until the thought of starting over again in September came over me.  But then, I didn't have to.  I was laid off.

Now for my sanity this was great, for my bank account...  not so much.  So the job hunt began.  I took a job tutoring a few days a week at a charter school with the hopes that as the school grew, so would my job.  It did.  I was hired part time for the next school year.

And guess what...  I wasn't happy still.  Because you know why? Teaching was not my thing. It wasn't my calling.  It was a way to pay the bills and although I longed for it to be more.. it just wasn't.  I mean I did a fine job..  but the next year they decided they needed someone with different certifications and I was laid off again.

Back to square one.  I did look for another teaching job..  to no real avail...  but I also did something a little bit crazy...  I applied for an accelerated BSN program.  I had no idea if I'd get in and even if I got in if I could go but I filled out the application, paid my $50 And had a little faith.

I found out on December 14, 2012 that I got in.  I quickly registered for all of the classes I needed to have before the program started and was back to school in January of 2013.  I was 33 years old.  I had 2 children at home.  I had an amazing husband who cares for them as his own.  And with their support....  I did it. 

I got my BSN in May 2014.  And began working in a hospital that July... recently I've moved into critical care.  So I am, indeed, an ICU nurse..  how insane. 

Now I have a new dream....  one where I build a successful business that encourages and empowers women (and some men ;) ) to take control of their lives and health through fitness, nutrition and personal development.  I want to help people both in AND out of the hospital setting.  Honestly I think both jobs are insanely powerful.  And I will work to create my business and continue to create the life I want.  

I have designed my life...  with purpose and intention these past 3-4 years.  And I continue to do it now. I would have laughed at someone saying I could be an ICU nurse in 2016 back then....  just as I would have giggled at the thought of being a fitness coach.  But look at me now.... I am both.

Just a little lesson in how important it is to follow your dreams with reckless abandon..  because you never know..  they just might come true!!