Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Currently... October 2016


Outfit - Anything that involves a tunic type sweatshirt and leggings, paired with boots of course.. I mean it IS fall.  For the leggings.. preferably lula roe, although i do admit some of their patterns are a bit crazy for me.  For the tunic..

This is my current favorite tunic.. courtesy of Target.  I may or may not order more tonight since i see they are on sale.  lol.

Food - Well.. If it weren't for my goals of staying healthy..  I'd say Halloween candy.. lol.  well maybe Halloween candy is still a valid answer, even if I only indulge in a piece here and there.  (I purposely didn't buy any candy to pass out yet, because I know myself and I don't need that kind of temptation.)

But I digress..  Aldi has been my grocery shopping jam lately.  They have TONS of organic food now.. and so many things with REAL ingredients.  These sausages are the shizzz and top my list this month..

Show - Admittedly I watch a few more shows than I probably should.. but if I have to pick one..  This is Us is phenomenal.. In an "I seriously cannot miss an episode" kind of way.  Thank goodness for DVRs :)

Book - I have a few in this section this month..  I know I'm late to the party but I just read "The Girl on the Train," by Paula Hawkins.  The characters in it were a hot mess, but the book was a great read!!  I do recommend it if you like anything with an air of mystery.  It was a perfect book for the spookiest month of the year.   I haven't started another one yet.

I also strive to better myself each day with a little of the personal development  genre.  I tend to like listening to these on Audible, rather than reading them.. i seem to be able to get through them faster because I can listen as i drive, or do laundry or whatever.  

This month I listed to this book first..  I would HIGHLY recommend it.  I love how candid Jen Sincero is in this one.  

And what i'm currently listening to...   Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein..  I'm about a quarter of the way through and so far so good. ;)

Fitness program - I just finished doing Country Heat as my main workout program and I do have to say that it was amazing for my country lovin' dancin' fitness soul.  It is just so much fun to do!!!   After I finished 30 days of that i've been trying different workouts on Beachbody on demand..  Turbo Fire is so far a favorite on there!!  Next week however, (November already.. what?!?) I'll be starting the brand new Core de Force workout and I couldn't be more excited.  I did a sneak peek workout of that one and it is amazing.. fun, FAST, and makes all the right muscles ache with that "hurts so good" kind of soreness that makes you KNOW you are getting results. ;)

Favorite view
My front porch

And the ocean in Myrtle Beach..  where I was last week attending a wedding..  I miss this one!

in other news..  
I'm super excited that I got my first coach  prize from Beachbody today.. it's a new yoga mat and i think it's pretty cool that they just sent it to me as a gift for growing my business and helping people this month!!  So that was a fun mail day ;)

Monday, October 10, 2016

chase your wildest dreams

If someone has told me in 2010 that in 2016 I would be a critical care nurse I'd have laughed in their face!  At the time I was a struggling teacher trying to gain traction in a job market that well, wasn't kind to me.  I was working in a school with no support from the administration, the staff, the students even for the most part.  I worked 24/7, I felt stuck.  I was depressed.  I cried a lot and lost 20 pounds from not eating and not sleeping..  basically from worrying myself sick.  Yet, I couldn't see a way out.  

The school year ended that June and it seemed like a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders...  until the thought of starting over again in September came over me.  But then, I didn't have to.  I was laid off.

Now for my sanity this was great, for my bank account...  not so much.  So the job hunt began.  I took a job tutoring a few days a week at a charter school with the hopes that as the school grew, so would my job.  It did.  I was hired part time for the next school year.

And guess what...  I wasn't happy still.  Because you know why? Teaching was not my thing. It wasn't my calling.  It was a way to pay the bills and although I longed for it to be more.. it just wasn't.  I mean I did a fine job..  but the next year they decided they needed someone with different certifications and I was laid off again.

Back to square one.  I did look for another teaching job..  to no real avail...  but I also did something a little bit crazy...  I applied for an accelerated BSN program.  I had no idea if I'd get in and even if I got in if I could go but I filled out the application, paid my $50 And had a little faith.

I found out on December 14, 2012 that I got in.  I quickly registered for all of the classes I needed to have before the program started and was back to school in January of 2013.  I was 33 years old.  I had 2 children at home.  I had an amazing husband who cares for them as his own.  And with their support....  I did it. 

I got my BSN in May 2014.  And began working in a hospital that July... recently I've moved into critical care.  So I am, indeed, an ICU nurse..  how insane. 

Now I have a new dream....  one where I build a successful business that encourages and empowers women (and some men ;) ) to take control of their lives and health through fitness, nutrition and personal development.  I want to help people both in AND out of the hospital setting.  Honestly I think both jobs are insanely powerful.  And I will work to create my business and continue to create the life I want.  

I have designed my life...  with purpose and intention these past 3-4 years.  And I continue to do it now. I would have laughed at someone saying I could be an ICU nurse in 2016 back then....  just as I would have giggled at the thought of being a fitness coach.  But look at me now.... I am both.

Just a little lesson in how important it is to follow your dreams with reckless abandon..  because you never know..  they just might come true!! 



Quick, One Pan Veggie and Egg Scramble

This is my go to for the days when I have more time... Basically the days I don't have to work at the hospital.  :) It's quick, delicious, packed full of nutrients, and chemical free ;)

First grab your favorite frying pan and add a couple teaspoons of your favorite oil.  This is mine.

Then take all of your "hard vegetables,"  the ones that will need a bit longer to cook, and add them in there. Today we used broccoli, cauliflower, onion, and green pepper.  You can use any darn thing you want and have on hand.  Let those cook until they are soft enough for you.  I made enough for 2 of us today as the tweenagers are home and one wanted some.

Quick tip: to get them to soften up faster add a bit of water to the pan.. It will steam them a bit and make this dish even faster to make!!

When they are softened, then add your "soft veggies."  For us today this meant tomato and spinach.  Let those cook for just a few minutes.  Then push all your veggies to one side of the pan.

Add your eggs.  I use 2 eggs per person.  I throw them right in the pan and scramble them  up as they cook with a spatula.

When the eggs are done, (don't forget to give your veggie mixture a mix here and there too), mix everything together...  and Voila!  A healthy, home-cooked clean-eating breakfast!!  :)

PS.  I like to add salt to my eggs.. and this is my favorite kind to use..  ($2 at Trader Joes)

Also, don't forget to tell me what your favorite veggies are in the comments, or if you try and like this recipe!!!  Also, subscribe and share!!  Thank you!!!

Have a great day everyone!!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Slow Cooker Chicken Tacos

Sooo..  this recipe is about 95% clean.  That's pretty much how I roll.  If it's not what you go for, you could totally adjust.  But seasoning packets are my jam.. or my downfall?? Whatevs.  They work for me.

Anyway..  this is like ridiculously simple.. so here you are. 

1.  Get crock pot.  Spray with some kind of nonstick spray or use a liner if you are someone that plans ahead and has such things.

2.  Add chicken.  I always use boneless/skinless breasts.  I used thawed chicken this time but you can totally throw them in frozen.  I do that all the time too ;)

See not too fancy ;)

3.  Sprinkle taco seasoning over the top. (If you are anti-seasoning packets..  I'm sure you could google how to get the same taste with individual spices.  TBH I'm too lazy for all that . 😂)

4. Put salsa over the top.  I used this kind.  Organic, from Aldi.

5.  Put lid on.  Cook on high for 4 hours.

6.  Shred chicken using two forks. 

7. Add a can of black beans.  I usually buy organic ones.  They aren't much or expensive.  You can also add a drained can of corn if you like.  Put the lid back on and leave on high until the beans, and corn if you added them, are hot.
8. EAT!! I use this with whole wheat wraps and whatever taco toppings we have on hand...  or even by itself it's awesome!! 

Monday, October 3, 2016

Try Something New

As I continue my fitness journey, and just life in general, I have decided that at this point in my life it is time to just LEAP!  To try things.  The mantra in my head that plays often is "you only live once."

It's so true.  You have one life in which to do everything you are ever going to.  At least for me, I'm going to make it worth it!!

I've made a few leaps of faith lately.  Some HUGE, others minor things, but all were meaningful for me.

First off back in June I left my comfortable job on the medical rehab unit in my hospital, abbreviated the MRU, to try my hand at Critical care nursing.  Yup, I applied for a position in the ICU and I got it.


I mean, on the MRU I knew my stuff.  I was charge nurse often.  I precepted new nurses.  I took larger, harder patient assignments without much difficulty.  In the ICU, I knew nothing.  Ok well, not nothing but there were so many things I did not know. It was almost easier to just count those that I did.  It was overwhelming.  And it was scary.  And it was hard to be back to being an orientee that didn't know her stuff.  But it was good.  It helped me grow as a person and a nurse.

I just finished my ICU orientation.  My next shift I am on my own.  I am nervous.  But I am prepared.  And I am smart enough to know what I don't know yet and to ask for help.  I'm proud that I took the step to grow in my profession.  And I am glad I was brave enough to step out of my comfort zone.

This summer I also started this fitness coaching gig.  To be honest, for me it's a win win.  I'm doing the things anyway.  I'm working out, I'm eating clean, I'm drinking my superfood shake, I'm getting stronger, I'm building a lifestyle of health.  So why not share that journey??  Why not help other people do the same thing and change their lives as I am changing mine??

So I did it.  I signed on as a coach and I am so grateful I did.  Once again, it makes me move outside my comfort zone. It makes me take a leap of faith.  It helps me to make new friends. It gives me a whole community of people that are rooting for me and that support me in this life.

Sometimes, it feels uncomfortable to share my journey. It feels awkward to message a new person and just make a conversation.  It felt strange to begin to post about how I was changing my life.. but now..  it's just what I do.   It's my life and I'm happy to be able to share how I am improving it with all of you.

In less life changing news.. in the past week I've also sucked it up and tried not one but TWO new fitness classes.  The first was I took a class at a boxing gym.  I went with a friend, and while it felt a bit awkward, I just made an intentional effort to get over myself and just try.  And you know what?? I got a great workout in and I had fun.  I'm going back again this week!!

I also just got home from a power yoga class at my girls' dance studio.  It's an adult class offered on a drop in basis and I decided to just go for it.  And I'm so excited... I could tell during that class that my efforts are paying off.. I'm getting stronger!!!  There was floor/plank work during the class and I was able to do moves that I couldn't do before.  And best of all my kids said I was pretty good at yoga.. :P  And you all know tweenage girls are not the easiest to impress..

So I'm going to shower because I need to.. but I'll leave you with this...

Life begins at the END of your comfort zone.

Cliche'? possibly.. but who cares!!  It's true.  Get out there and shut up whatever stupid voice in your head is telling you that you can't do whatever it is you have been wanting to try and JUST go for it!!

After all... you only get one life.