Friday, September 23, 2016

My Why.

Why did I go from being someone that thought that working out wasn't really for me, to someone that is committed to living the healthiest and happiest life possible...  to be honest, there are a lot of reasons..

This life we lead is limited.  We are, in fact, mortal, no matter how immortal we may feel at any given time.  Our time on this Earth is finite.  The health of our bodies, and minds, and souls help determine how finite that time is.

The short answer is, I became a nurse. This didn't happen in my early 20's as it does for most. I started out as a teacher and found out that wasn't the best  choice for me...  So at 35 years old with 2 children, I went back to school.  See, I truly believe you can do anything in this big, amazing, opportunity-filled universe...  Anyway, I digress...  I became a nurse.

As a nurse I see a lot of humanity.  Raw humanity.  Wounds, and sickness and blood, yes... but raw emotion too.  I see people that have given up..  I see people that won't give up when they should.  I see people who are old and have lived a beautiful life, I see people that are too young to have ended up in their predicament.  And no, not all those that are just too damn young to be in the hospital are there because of poor health choices.  But enough are.  And sometimes their choices that aren't necessarily the cause of their illness or injury, but in many cases people continue to make choices that definitely don't help them any..

I see people die....  at work.  I go to work and people die there.  It's strange, it's not normal, but it puts me in touch with the raw mortality of me.  I am not immortal.  I have one body.  I have ONE life, and it won't last forever...  I want to make choices that make me the best ME possible..  mind, soul, and body..

Another answer is.. my kids. (pretty cute aren't they?? ;) )

My children have already lost one parent.  Their father passed of a sudden heart attack at only 40 years old.  We had been divorced at the time.   My kids were 7 and 8 years old.  I am their only living, biological parent.  It is also not natural...  I'd like to stick around as long as possible.  And I'd like to show them how to make the choices that give THEM their best lives possible by being an example of someone doing just that thing.

And the easy answer is.. because I can.  I CAN do it.  I CAN do anything.  I can do any damn thing I set my mind to...

My mindset has changed.  I have made amazing friends with amazing women that empower me and lift me up and show me that this life I want IS possible.  It happens through perseverance, habit forming, and personal development.  It happens through learning to build each other up and not tear one another down.  Through the cessation of comparison..  and the celebration of being uniquely YOU!

So maybe that got all deep ..  and a bit too morbid for you.. but that's ok.  It isn't too much for me.

My WHY is because I know that life is short.

I know that being healthy makes me happy. I know it gives me have a chance at a longer life (I know.. i could get hit by a bus tomorrow.. but just in case I don't). I KNOW I CAN do this.. and doing it.. REALLY buckling down and doing this..  Well,  that makes me fall in love with myself and my LIFE a little more every day..

So if you think you want to live a fit and healthy life too, but can't seem to get going....  DIG DEEP, Think about YOUR WHY...  Why do you want to do this???  That WHY, needs to be stronger than your excuses not to exercise, than your rationalization for eating at McDonald's (or wherever) 2x this week, than your craving for cookies...... Your reason why HAS TO be strong.  It has to be emotional.  It has to REALLY matter to you... Or you won't stick with it..  you won't stay the course...

If you want help to go get there, if you just want to chat, or if you want to join me on the journey that I've started, I'd love to hear from you...  My contact info is all over this page..

And for now.. Goodnight!