Thursday, September 15, 2016

Feeling sleepy..

As we headed back from vacation last week and jumped back into the school and work schedule for the year.. I couldn't help but feel exhausted..  I am normally kind of a tired gal, but this has been crazy.  First of all, for those of you that don't know... Disney World, while the most magical place on Earth, is not the most relaxing place on Earth and 8 days of Disney, while amazing, is an exhausting experience..

Then, there was a jump right back into our routine and for me, a lot of work days at my hospital job.. As the last nearly 2 weeks have gone on, I've been diligent about my fitness program, working my new business, getting my house together, and just settling in the routine..  I have to say guys, though my workouts and my dense nutrition shakes do help my energy levels, I have been finding myself yawning my way through my days lately..  so last night I decided to let myself rest..

I went to bed early and slept in..  My trusty Fitbit says I slept nearly 10 hours!!  It was wonderful.. but to be honest... after going about my day today.. I'm still feeling tired???  What the what??  Soooo, I'm making it a new goal for myself to make SURE I am getting enough sleep each night.  I have always been a girl who needs sleep..  like a solid 7-8 hours.  So I have made it a goal now to get that. It is just as important to my health and fitness as my diet, exercise, and water intake.

In an effort to educate myself on the importance of a good night's rest.. I found that sleep cannot only improve health and mood, but can improve your memory, strengthen your immune system, AND can help prevent headaches, which I also suffer from on pretty regular basis.

So here it goes..  In bed early tonight as I have another hospital day tomorrow.  Hoping to get a great night's rest so I can be at my best..