Monday, September 5, 2016

Back at it and a few good tips today!

So as you all know I had a week "off track" while on vacation..  But today I got
Back at it!! And I'm so happy!  Lol.  It sounds kind of crazy as I never thought I'd like to work out before, but here I am.. Loving it and missing it when I don't..  My
Mindset has definitely been changed..

Today was spent getting myself and my family back on track. We got groceries..  That included a ton of produce..  My new secret there is to wash, cut up if necessary and portion that so it gets eaten..  Apparently we all find cutting fruit too hard if there is a potato chip nearby and make the wrong choice.  (Not that I generally have potato chips in the house, but you get the point.)

Anyway the day started with my shake this morning and this was a top I wanted to share.  I often put spinach in my shakes to make sure I get at least some
Veggies in for my day.  I promise that you can't even tell its in there!!!  

But the tip I have for you here is...  At the first sign of wilting take that whole container of spinach/greens and just THROW IT IN THE FREEZER!?  What!?!  Yup.  I promise it is amazing..  You can still use it for your shakes with no problem and none of it goes to waste.. 

Frozen spinach.. I swear this top has saved us a ton of money! Since before we would end up tossing the container half to 3/4 of the way through all too often..  

I also freeze any fruit that starts to be on the verge of going bad.. Especially bananas, and use those for shakes and smoothies too.. 

Later I got my workout in...  It's crazy how  good it makes you feel!!  I did 2 country heat workouts today.  Partially because I missed it!!! And partially because it's hard format to workout on my 12-hour work days so I try to double up here and there.  It makes the programs work FOR MY life.  If I didn't, I most likely wouldn't stick to it..  

Well we are getting ready for dinner here now.  We are having our healthy version of tacos tonight.  Stay tuned for the recipe!