Sunday, September 4, 2016

And we are back!!

From Disney that is...

Boy can vacation make you go off track.. but I'm ok with that!  Since I've started to create a lifestyle of health and fitness, not a diet (ick!), I have no issue with enjoying myself for a week and coming back and getting back at it.  Gone are the days where I would say.. "Oh well, who cares I just ate crap all week, I might as well continue."  Because I will tell you what.. I FEEL it.  I FEEL just ick..  not the happy, healthy and fabulous I now know is possible.  I just feel bloated, tired, and blah..  So now that we are back..

Tomorrow will be my OFFICIAL start for Country Heat!!  Before we left.. i dabbled in the program for a couple weeks. I used the program for my workouts and stayed on track with health and fitness, but I didn't have enough time (30 days) to officially follow the program through from start to finish.  Now with any program, I will tweak the schedule a bit.  I find it hard to work out on the days I work since i work 12 hour shifts, so I make the programs fit my life.  It's what I suggest anyone do!  This has to be something you can stick with, that becomes part of your life..  not just a temporary thing you are doing.

So since we flew home today and there is no food in my house.. lol.  I will officially begin my new program tomorrow..   Though i miss it so I might just throw in a workout tonight. ;)  Stay tuned for before/afters..  nutrition tips..   how i stay motivated.. etc!  Let me know if you have any questions about the program, or anything else for that matter..  And don't forget to subscribe!!!