Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Cleaning Out my Closet

So as I continue on this journey of self-improvement, self - love, and empowerment through health and fitness.. I was challenged this week to clean out my closet.  Clean out my drawers.  Take control of my environment, just as I am taking control of my body, my health and my LIFE.

So, since I'm always up for a challenge, I DID IT.  I got rid of the crap.  The 20 year old tee shirt i was hanging onto.. for WHAT?!?!  The shirt I'd kept because there was nothing wrong with it.. nothing WRONG except it made me FEEL crappy..  BYE FELICIA!!!

All that crud is GONE!  There is room for NEW, room for creating abundance of things that make me feel AMAZING!

I encourage every woman.. and man.. and kid.. just every PERSON, to only hold onto things, behaviors, habits, and even JOBS, that help us to live our very best lives..  BRING ON THE ABUNDANCE and the Blessings...  through work, both within ourselves through personal development, through education, through realizing whatever is holding you back from being the best version of YOU.  We only get one life.  That is it.  And as I get older I can tell you the time doesn't go as slow as you'd have thought it would.

ONLY YOU can change your life.  YOU.  But I would love to support you in that change.. whether it's just a closet clean out or you are ready to WORK towards your health and nutrition goals, with the support of me and a literally hundreds/thousands of empowering people through an amazing organization..  Let me know when YOU are ready..

I'll still be here.  Being me.  Getting fit.  Feeling great!

Amy :)