Sunday, August 21, 2016

Secrets to Nutrition Success!

So I'm a nurse..  And as a nurse I work in a hospital...  Hospitals have cafeterias.  Cafeterias that offer employees discounts..  Cafeterias that have onion rings that rival most restaurants' for $1.35.  No.  That is not a typo.

So how the heck is a fried-food-lovin' girl supposed to stay on track when THIS exists!?!?  (Oh they have chicken fingers too. 😳)

Well...  Guys I'm going to keep it real with ya.. 

First I roll out looking like a football team water girl each and every morning...
My shake, my coffee, and at least 2 liters of water. 💦
Then, the big guns come out...  Now wait for this one, it's super complicated......😂

Haha! Yes, for real.  Left overs save the freaking day!  And not just what I had for dinner the night before.  Oh no.  That beauty you see right there came right out of my freezer like a lean cuisine this morning..  Minus the half pound of sodium!  My top trick to staying on track is that when I cook I make extras..  And o freeze it in portions that I can grab and take to work.  I do this with things like that pepper above and other items such as taco meat (made with ground turkey), shredded chicken, or diced chicken breast portioned out by red container and used for salads, wraps and pita pockets on the fly..  It makes staying on track a MILLION times easier!!! 

So anyway.. That stuffed pepper was my lunch today..  🍽

My other trick is to OVERPACK my lunch.  Guys, I work 12 hour shifts.  That is a LONG time and as good as that pepper is, it isn't all I'm going to want to eat.  I need to be saved not only from the cafeteria, but the Tim Hortons doughnuts and bagels that lerk only 2 floors below.  

So what else was in my lunchbox... 


Coconut Greek yogurt

Side tip: I throw dry oats into my Greek yogurt to get some good for me carbs in :). I usually also add berries.

Veggies and hummus

And since I was at work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend, the other day my main course was this.  Yup! The Italian wedding soup I made from my new Fixate cookbook..  

I will be honest and say the only thing I replaced between the 2 days was the main course and the grapes.  The first day I ate berries and grapes and my main event.. And today I got in yogurt, grapes and my stuffed pepper.  

Leftovers. 🙌