Friday, August 19, 2016

a random day in my life

So today started out nice and peaceful.  I relaxed on my front porch, drank my coffee, did a little meditative coloring and listened to Wayne Dyer on Audible.  Was nice until it started to get a little hot out. 

I had hair appointments scheduled for my kids so I hurried up and grabbed my shake..  (Not I got a bit of peanut butter on my counter..  Ah well, I'll get to that later).  I grabbed my shake and was hurried out the door by my tween terrors..  I mean my kids. ;) 

When we got to the hair salon the girls poured over hair books while they waited for our favorite hairdresser.  Then tragedy struck!!  My youngest daughter had her heart set on this hair color.. 
 (photo credit to
Unfortunately when I made the appointment they didn't tell me I had to let them know the colors so they could get them prior to our appointment...  So cue the tears.. 😩🙄
However after learning the upkeep such a style would take we decided to put that off for the winter..  Where it would be damaged by the sun or pool water..  So a little bit blonder she decided to go instead.  The dream color above will happen later in the fall. 

While we waited for either their turn or for color to set we amused ourselves.. 

And we planned what to have for dinner.. 

Of course because my kids are tweenagers they can be moody...  No after pic. :/. Eh, I'll add one soon..

As their appointment was done I had to rush to a doc appointment..  Apparently I have poison ivy..  Or something similar.  So the doc gave me a steroid and we were on our way.. 

Then it was on to the grocery store for the last of the ingredients for dinner..  Then the drug store..  And finally home!! 

Not sure whose Doritos those are!?!?  Probably the hubs.

Then the girls helped cook dinner.  We made the Italian wedding soup from my new Fixate cookbook...  Omg.  Amaze balls!!!  For real.

And yes the girls loved this.  The hubs was not a fan...  I mean there is something GREEN in there 😳😳😋
It was nearing 7pm now and I decided to add a video to my September challenge group Facebook invite to explain to everyone what it's all about...  

And then I rested for a few minutes..  Laced up my sneakers and pressed play.  Not gonna lie I love me some Country Heat but I was NOT feeling it today...  Luckily I was good to go once I got started and dang it feels good to work out!! 

 Now I'm all sweaty..  And I'm about to take a shower.. Pack up my lunch for tomorrow and get to bed....  I work in the hospital all weekend and if I don't have things set out ahead of time..  Well, let's just say it isn't a good morning ;) 

What did you do today???