Thursday, January 19, 2017

Life Transformation

As seen on Facebook...  (click to find me there!)

So I keep seeing this "post one of your first pics from FB and your pic now to see how you've changed" and i thought this would be a fantastic "Transformation Tuesday" post.. Because, you see, between these 2 pictures my WHOLE LIFE changed. If you think that is dramatic.. you are mistaken..

* I was married to the girls' Dad in the first pic... it wasn't a terrible marriage, but it wasn't the right one for me.
* I was working as a teacher.
* I lived in a rented apartment.
* I wasn't too keen on make up techniques.. LOL!
* I didn't work out.
* I was always struggling financially.
* I was STRESSED with 2 tiny little girls.

Since then..
* I went back to school and changed careers.
* Married the man of my dreams.
* Struggled through the loss of my children's father.
* Got glam with the make up tricks (though I don't use them all the time.. see pic. lol)
* Learned how to take care of ME through health and fitness
* Became more financially stable
* Bought the perfect house for ME.
* oh and now I'm just STRESSED with 2 Tween/teen girls.. gah!

My life now looks NOTHING like it did 8 and a half years ago.. Why?? Some was circumstance.. some was necessity.. some was strength.. BUT through it ALL I believed that I was worth it.. i was worth TIME, I was worth MONEY, I was worth paying attention to ME and taking care of MYSELF along with my kids and my family..

I wonder what my life will look like 8 years from now.. Not so much will change so drastically, at least i hope not.. but I do know my life will get better and better.. WHY?? because I put effort into it. I am striving to work on ME daily. My fitness, my person, my relationships.. If you want to work on YOU.. reach out!! I know a girl that can help ;)

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Why make a Vision Board?

I just finished making something that I never have done before.  I had always heard about vision boards, but wasn't really into doing one.

But, as we all do from time to time, I changed my mind.

I made my vision board so I can have my dreams in front of my face every. single. day.

So I can SEE my goals right there in front of me.

So there is a physical reminder of what I am working toward.

So I put my dreams and goals "out there" and commit to them.

I also just love that it's pretty.  haha.

I believe that by seeing this every day, by taking the time to really look at it, I will be inspired to work for my goals.

To make it, I decided I wanted it to be pretty hanging on my wall, so I bought a poster type frame.  And I used scrapbook paper, pictures and sayings printed off of Pinterest and a few pretty stickers, along with a glue gun to create the board.  I just used glued everything right onto the back board of the frame..  And there you have it!

This year, I've started off really focusing on my goals and working on really focusing on what my goals and dreams are for this life.  I am really focused on creating and designing my life as best as I can.  And yes, I'm currently reading The Desire Map and using powersheets to help me!

Have you ever done anything like this?  Did it work for you?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

My Before Pictures

My fitness journey started sometime around this past summer..  Over the summer I dabbled in a few different workout programs, worked out at a gym offering group fitness training, and finally finding my way back to the programs and support that I use now.  Somewhere, towards the end of summer.. I finally "got it."  I finally found something to keep me accountable, to keep me working out, to keep me striving to be something more.. something better..  the ME, I really want to become..

And well, I haven't given up.  I'm still working at it.  Daily.  Sometimes hourly.  I am fighting for it.  I am choosing self discipline, I'm choosing my long term goals over momentary desires.. I am choosing my health.  I am choosing ME.

However, I haven't lost a crap ton of weight.. Though I know I have lost some...  probably around 10-15 pounds so far... but let's be honest, at my heaviest, I wasn't a real big fan of the scale, so I may have been heavier.  I'm not sure.

I'm still not a fan of the scale.  It only gives a number, not a picture, not a real visual of the progress that you have obtained.

I have been a bit sad that although I have worked really hard, I didn't think I had any real transformation pictures to share..  I wasn't really sure how much progress I had really made with my body.

Then it happened.

Then I went back through my phone.. curious to compare my pictures that I thought I might have taken at the beginning of the summer..  and I found them.

My "before" pics.

Before I joined a gym for the millionth time last January.

Before I went to the gym for a month or so...  burning some calories on the elliptical before getting a massage on their massage bed thing... not really seeing any results.

Before I fell off and didn't go back to that gym...

Before I saw my upline coach having fun with her "fitness" friends on a couple different trips that looked amazing and posting pictures and videos of her fitness journey.

Before I committed to a different way of tackling health and fitness,  with home workouts, real food and most importantly... those amazing "fitness friends".. a community of support.

Before I had the confidence to post these pictures.

Before I didn't give up.

Before I fully believed in ME.

Those before pictures are here, posted alongside the in progress pictures I have now.  This is a mission that is very  much  not done,  there is no after, since I am far from done with this journey.

If you would like to join me, if you would like to turn your current photos into your Before pictures, I'm here to help you, just reach out!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Goals for the New Year, 2017 Edition.

I think it's counterproductive to set resolutions according to some preconceived notion of what things you think you "should" be doing. However, I do think it's valuable to set goals, dreams, visions and desires for your life. To live your life intentionally and with vision! So for this year.. my goals so far... (i am still working to identify some more for the year.. I cannot WAIT until my planner arrives.. )

For me, I think i'm going to focus on the following..

* Continue to develop a positive outlook and mindset with a focus on GRATITUDE!  There is a push to identify your "word of the year" and I am still trying to identify  mine.. but I am tending towards "Gratitude" as mine.

* Continue to build my health coaching business and make progress in my own health and fitness AND help other women work on their health and fitness and start their own businesses. I need to sit down and decide what this looks like.

*MEAL PLANNING.. so sick of spending money on food that gets tossed.. I plan on making bigger meals the days before I work, so i have healthy lunches and have the fridge stocked with healthy meals for my family too!! I want to get intentional about this in the year to come and I will be sharing with all of you!!!  I already have a calendar printed out and on our refrigerator with this week's meals.  No new recipes on it yet though as this is going to be a busy "short" week in our house and I just haven't gotten there yet.

* BUDGET!!! We did so excellent with this in 2015 and got away from in entirely in 2016 and our finances show it. My favorite budgeting program is "You Need a Budget" or YNAB. I have this all set for us again!

*Travel!! This year it's looking like a getaway to Columbus, OH in April (visiting the Columbus zoo and Kalahari waterpark.. ) or possible somewhere else within a 6 hour-ish driving radius, Beachbody Summit in New Orleans, LA in July, and Walt Disney World in August. I want to focus on an international trip in 2018 or 2019.. i want to go to Thailand.

*Friendships - I plan to deepen my friendships and focus more on them in the upcoming year!! I want to make coffee dates with amazing people and surround myself with women that empower and lift each other UP!

What are you focusing on in the year to come???  (Leave it in the comments!!!)

Is anyone interested in a FREE gratitude & goals group this month?? Message me, leave a comment, or find me on Facebook!!!

I am working on a vision/manifestation board in the next couple weeks to put on my bedroom wall and keep me focused and dreaming in the direction I intend..  I'll be sure to share when it is completed.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Peanut Butter Cookie Oatmeal

To transition myself from the Christmas cookie coma that I have been in for the past week or so and back into my healthy lifestyle.. I started this morning off with this.  It is a bit heavier on the yellow (carbs) than I normally go for this early in the day..  but this was something that could get me excited to get back at it this morning..

Ok so here it is.. super easy.

I only made 1 serving for me, but this could easily be increased..

Prepare 1 serving of Oatmeal according to package directions.  I use the traditional Quaker Oats, nothing special.

As the oatmeal is nearly done.. add

*agave nectar or a teaspoon or so of sugar
*1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
*2 teaspoons of peanut butter (more or less)
*a dash of salt

All of these measurements are guesstimates..  adjust according to your taste.

You can also add in a tad bit of butter, but I skipped it this morning.

And that's it guys!  Super easy and tasty..   The perfect breakfast to welcome my wayward self back to the lifestyle I strive for..

let me know what you think!

Monday, December 26, 2016

2016 ~ Reflections

So I just posted on Facebook the following status..

Ok... so I'm not getting all the "let's watch 2016 die" memes out there.. I mean we only get ONE LIFE.. and a short one at that. whether it was the best year ever, or a year of struggle.
*YOU are still here
*you are still breathing
*you are still alive..
make the most of that shit!!! This life is limited, we are not even promised tomorrow.. 2016 marked 366 days in your life.. Cherish the hell out of that, good or less than stellar.. and if it wasn't great, figure out a way to be happier in the future.. We do have the option to CHOOSE happiness.

And I was still up and feeling a bit reflective so I thought I'd elaborate a bit on 2016 for me...

It wasn't the easiest year of my life.  Honestly, I really couldn't tell you any year that has been "easy"..  no one year really sticks out for me as that.  Every year has come with struggles, joys, triumph, happiness and heartache... that's life.  And this year, well, it was 366 days of mine.

January started kind of sketchy..  I had what I thought was a UTI that ended up being something more permanent.  I am a nurse and was able to be adamant about obtaining a diagnosis of what the hell was wrong with me.. so in a week or so, I saw my primary doc, my OB/GYN, had an ER visit, and finally was sent to urologist.  And of course, during that week I went through a bunch of tests too.. mostly relatively easy.. but still..  I was a patient.  Nurses make the WORST patients...

Oh and did I mention in the midst of all of this I was supposed to go on a trip with my kids to Key West???  Their aunt lives there and we had direct flights so I sent the girls off without me..  But what a massive disappointment that was.

Oh the final diagnosis after all those tests was done after having a minor bladder surgery..  Interstitial Cystitis.  Google it.  I did, and found all kinds of scary information that made me think my life was going to be OVER as I knew it and my health would never be ok.  So my anxiety and depression kicked into overdrive and I was a basketcase for a bit..

After going on some medicine and healing from the surgery, I got better.  I'm still not 100% and i'm bothered by my bladder pretty much at some point daily, but it's more like a "twinge" than feeling horrible.  It's liveable and I deal with it.  I try not to focus on it, and I definitely don't let myself go to that place that makes me feel like I'm going to end up debilitated.  It is what it is.  It's part of life.

In February, I needed to use my unused plane ticket due to using a credit to pay for part of it when it was originally purchased.  My husband decided to take a few days off work, my mom offered to take my kids, and off we went... to Florida!!  I went to Disney World for the first time in literal YEARS and had a blast with my husband.  I still wasn't 100%, I definitely didn't feel as well as I do now.  I saw every bathroom at WDW and in Clearwater... but I went.  and had a blast.  And saw that my life wasn't over.

In March, we closed on our house.  I have never owned a house and this was HUGE.  I'm still super excited that we have our house now.  So yeah, another good thing ;)

In April, we were living between 2 houses as we did some renovations on the house we bought.  The girls' rooms were torn down to the studs and redone, and 70% or so of the house was painted.. we have ONE ROOM left right now to paint.  (and go figure, its the worst one of them all ;) ).  It was a crazy month but we got through it with a lot of heart and hustle. lol.

In May, we finally were fully in this house, ready or not. ;)  And of course it was full on dance competition season, so we were still BUSY.   But so happy.  We were in our house, it was coming together, and did I mention I have a POOL!!!!! It's above ground, but I don't care.  It's something I have literally ALWAYS wanted.

June, July, August - As always summer went by in a flash..  but a huge thing for me this summer was finding Beachbody and starting my health/fitness journey.  It was the summer I began to work on me.  I fell in love with working out and working on ME.  Personal development, positivity and just CHOOSING to be happy took hold of my life in ways they hadn't before.  I actually made a lifestyle change to a healthier life and stuck with it.  I gained a crap ton of confidence.  I started posting live videos on facebook.. many without make up on @@.. something that scared the crap out of me before... I feel like I really came into my own. 

We also took a family trip to Walt Disney World.  We stayed on property for a week. It was amazing.. but exhausting.  I can't wait to go back again.  I'm scheming for a 2017 trip as we speak.. I may actually have some tentative plans booked :P

OHHHH  I also took a job in the ICU at my hospital.  Training was intense this summer and worth it as I became a better nurse.  I also decided at least for now, that the ICU isn't my thing.. and that's ok.  I'm going back to my old job next week.. ;)

September - Back to school..  the girls went back to school a day or so after our Disney trip and I finished my ICU orientation and began working on my own in the unit.  It was ok. Not too eventful of a month..

October - The highlight was definitely a trip to Myrtle Beach with my sister and my kids to see their older sister get married.  It was gorgeous, the beach was deserted, and the wedding was spectacular.  I can't wait to visit there again.  Neither can the kids.

And well... the remainder of the year has been good..  November I worked my  butt off in the beginning of the month and actually lost some weight prior to Thanksgiving..  Of course, I indulged some over the  holidays but for the first time in FOREVER, I didn't really gain anything this holiday season.

Guys, I know this got long, and probably a bit boring...  but I just want to say that you need to appreciate your life.  You need to choose happy.  You don't get to choose what happens in your life, you don't get to always choose your circumstances and I KNOW that I am blessed beyond belief to have had the freedom to make some of the choices that I have had in life, but you get to choose what to focus on.

Focus on the GOOD.  Focus on what you CAN do. Believe in YOU, and for cripes' sake CREATE a life of HAPPY.  If you want some help, want some advice, want to be hooked up with people and tools that helped me to shift my mindset and create my happy..  let me know!!  I really would LOVE to be that person for you.


Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Core de force.. week 3B

I'd love to write this post as a day by day post like I've done with the last few... But to be honest here, I can't.  The past few weeks I wrote those posts in parts as the week went on.. this past week, nothing got written....

Anyway folks, I did week 3 of CDF over again, as I stated I would be in my last post. I followed the calendar and got the majority of my workouts in.. ..  my nutrition was ok..  it was honestly, you guys.. just an average week in the life...

Life has gotten in the way with this program..

Life gets in the way a lot of the time.

When I originally started this program, these workouts, this nutrition plan, this blog series... I intended to go all in.. (minus Thanksgiving) and document my results and my journey.. and show it can be done.

It has happened, but not really in the way I intended.  And that is OK.

I am not perfect.  I have life stresses.  I suffer from anxiety and depression at times.  I let things get to to me.  I like to take one thing and let it build up in my mind until it's going to ruin my entire life... in theory.   But, I'm not letting myself do that anymore.  I'm catching myself, and I'm flipping that crap in my head...

The old me would have used these stresses and the not following this 100% as I'd intended as an excuse to quit.  I mean if it's not perfect, why bother...

Well, I hate to tell you.. and me... that that is total bullshit.  There is no need to be perfect.  Nobody is perfect.  It is important to just TRY and DO YOU BEST.

That is it.

Just do your best.

The 30 days I originally picked to do this program, just weren't the right 30 days for me.  And that is ok.  Does it mean that all the work I've done doesn't matter??? Does it mean that is impossible to stick to a program for 30 days?? Does it mean i'm a failure??

Nope.  Sorry.  It means I'm human.  It means that shit happens. It means it's a bad time of year.

But guess what guys.. i'm still here..I'm still going.  I'm still finishing.

And with that.. I'm on week 4.. The home stretch :)

And as always.. if you want to Work with Me.. just click that tab and you'vll find the info you need to get in touch!!!