Friday, June 23, 2017

The Power of "I am"

The words "I am" are the two of the most powerful words in the English language.

You see, after those two words, comes the things with which we define ourselves.  What we sincerely believe ourselves to be.  And words, my friends, thoughts, become things.

How do you talk to yourself?  Are you kind?  Are you loving?  Are you gentle?

Do you speak to yourself as you would speak to a friend or family member?

Unfortunately, for many of us, we just aren't.  We are quick to criticize ourselves.  To call ourselves fat, or ugly, or stupid... or just generally not "enough."

I get it.  I've been there.  I've been the girl who always thought her friends were better than her. Prettier, smarter, thinner, more "put together"..  generally just what I thought I wasn't.

And wished I could be.

I am the same person now.  The same "pretty," the same "smart," the same ME...

But I have learned to change my mindset.  To stop judging myself against the standards of others.  To see that being me is the best person to be.  And for everyone else, being them is who they need to be.. and it has nothing to do with me. ;)

It is freeing to adopt this mindset.

And difficult.

It requires work.

It requires a conscience effort to change your thoughts..  To be INTENTIONAL about what is going on in your own head.

Diving into those personal development books that seem to get a bad rap.. or at least an eyeroll from many can help.  But why the heck not try to grow yourself!?  Try to be a better version of you and learn to accept and love yourself as you are??

Starting to do the things you thought you couldn't, but really wanted deep down inside.  And starting to become proud of yourself.

Let's be honest ladies..  only good things can come from learning to feel good about yourself.  So I challenge you today.. Take notice of your thoughts..  Take notice of those words that follow the "I am" in your brain...  Write them down.  Make a list.  And then go back and see how you are treating you..  and make the effort to flip them to the positive.  Make them loving.

I promise ladies.. YOU ARE worth the effort.


Friday, June 16, 2017

Crockpot Cheesy Chicken Taco Filling

Omg you guys.. I realize this isn't the greatest pic but this stuff is sooo good!!!

A couple boneless/skinless chicken breasts
About 2 cups of salsa
1 packet of taco seasoning
1 can corn (drained)
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
1/2 Brick of cream cheese
Throw all in crock pot (my chicken was frozen). Cook on high for 4 hours. Shred chicken. Eat in a whole wheat wrap.

I realize it's not the cleanest.. but it's sooooo good!!!! And so easy. And mostly all healthy. So it meets all the requirements for me! ❤️

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

the countdown is on!!!!

This is starting to get REAL!!!  The countdown is only 4 weeks and then it's happening...  I can't even believe it.. 

You see last summer..  I watched on Facebook while my now close friend Andrea enjoyed a trip first to Miami, and the to Nashville with her amazing team and overall just freaking sparkling group of friends.

I was drawn in by their light, by their passion and purpose and the freaking FUN they were having and I wanted to be in that club.  I wanted to surround myself with those kind of people.  And I wanted the opportunity to build my own tribe in the process.

So shortly after she returned from her trip I reached out to Andrea and became a coach..  

And now in just FOUR WEEKS Y'ALL I'm going to New Orleans to attend my first coach summit!!!!!!!  As a member of the team, as a coach that helps women feel happy and healthy and empowered and sexy again!!  I'm going to NOLA to hang with my tribe!! And learn sooo much that will help me to be a better coach for others... 

You see, I didn't join to lose weight.  (Mind blown.. 💥💥💥) I joined to be part of something that would make me a better person and would enrich my life.  Losing weight is the side effect of doing the things that make you the happiest version of yourself there is! 

And I get to show other ladies how to do that!!!!!!!  I can help you, if you are ready...  and if you want to part of the  club like I did...  there's always room For more!!  Reach out!

Friday, April 28, 2017

A different kind of #FlashbackFriday

A different kind of #flashbackfriday going down tonight...  

Flashback to Jan. 2, 2016...  a women has her husband take some "before pics". She feels crappy, defeated.  She's starting "again."  She's gained back the weight she lost the previous spring...  PLUS a few pounds..  and it's time to diet it off again....  sigh.  

No need to smile.  No one else will EVER see these pics anyway.  They are hidden away in her phone and forgotten about....  along with that "diet" a few weeks later...

Fast forward to the summer 2016..  she has been doing some things, working on her health again..  and she sees a girl she bows a little bit posting all the time about her workouts and food and mostly her freaking amazing group of friends that all keep each other accountable. 

She's sick of trying it alone..  so she reaches out.  Gets out of her own way, INVESTS some money, time, and work into herself..  and

Exactly a year later she find these pictures.. hidden in her phone... 

But she doesn't want to hide them anymore..  she's ready to share them!!!  Because they no longer are of her...  they are of her before... 

✨Before she believed in herself...

✨Before she decided to really TRY

✨before she realized that you don't have to "diet"

✨before she found some of the best friends she's ever had

✨before she changed her life.

And I want you to know that you can do this too!  I never thought then I'd be doing what I do now.  I never thought I could put myself "out there" like that friend (my coach Andrea 💕).  I never thought I could have the results that I have.  But I got them.  Through hard work, consistency, investing in myself and with the support of an amazing community..  

Want to join me?  Want to make some pictures YOUR before pictures??  Reach out,  shoot me a message..  JOIN MY FREE FB COMMUNITY at and start to take action on those dreams you have of becoming the girl you were always meant to be! ❤️

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What kind of mom are you?

I have been a mother now for over 13 years.

For some reason that seems insane to me.. because honestly, when the hell do we actually get the hang of this??  I feel like some days, I have my shizz together... but other days.. oy vey.

But here's the deal.  I have come to realize over the last 13 years+  that I have it together ENOUGH for me and my kids.

I have kind of been dealt the jackpot when it comes to children.  Besides the occasional teen girl angst, I have good responsible kids, who excel in school, complain now and then, can be asshats to me, but are amazing to others..  (of course, right?).

But what I really have learned over the years is that, I'm really not like other moms... at least not in some ways.

My kids are generally independent and can do a lot of things themselves.  Not because they are super kids that wear capes (though *I* think they are ;) )  But because, dudes, I was so NOT interested in doing all that shit for them.   If they decided to pack their lunches, or had to pack, they did and continue to do so themselves.  (A 9 year old can totally make her own sandwich, in case you were wondering. ) I make sure there are good, healthy options and they take care of that crap.  When they were smaller I provided more guidance..  Now??  If you want to survive on an apple and a cheese stick for 6 hours.. more power to ya girlfriend.  But i guarantee they will make a better choice the next day.  (DISCLAIMER: I don't starve my kids. *insert eye roll*)

I also do not get up at the ass crack of dawn to get middle school age children, that are perfectly capable of setting an alarm on their overpriced phones that I pay a TON of money for, out of bed.  They can do that.  They can also comb their hair, brush their teeth, grab some breakfast and get on the bus on time.  They do it, and have for years now, because they don't know any different.  (And because.. you know, like is said "kid jackpot" over here).

As a working mom most of my girls school career, I wasn't able to attend every party, field trip, or birthday.. but I did do most of them.  However ladies,  I always brought the paper products, or the drinks, or the chips.. because I am not a Pinterest mom and that's ok too.  I don't feel bad and neither should you, whether you are or you are not.

Here's the thing ladies.  I'm a mom, but I'm still me.  And being me is an anti-housework, non-baking, not super "maternal" lady.. BUT I love my girls fiercely.  I put them FIRST in my life, I make sure they have everything they need, and too much of what they want.  I support them.  I stand up for them.  I'm their biggest cheerleader.  And whether you are a working mom, a stay-at-home mom, a Pinterest mom or a whatever kind of mom I am..  I think that's all you have to do to be a GREAT mom.

 But don't tell everyone..  I don't want to give up my #worldsokayestmom title anytime soon.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Super Special Transformation Tuesday..

Today is a Super Extra Special Transformation Tuesday for me..  
This is my VERY FIRST Facebook profile picture.. (circa 2009??) and my current one..

Both pics involve bathing suits and a beach. 

But BOTH are VERY different..
In that first pic, I was a young(er :) ) mom of 2, out on a beach rocking a bikini.  BUT.. I was not confident in myself.. NO WAY was I allowing a real picture of me in that thing to show up on Facebook.. or anywhere else for that matter.. I felt OK wearing it.. but not confident enough to really own it.
I thought i looked OK, but definitely didn't feel AMAZING and didn't own the @#$% out of it..
Fast Forward to NOW.. well last week.. I not only rocked this bikini but a couple others.. and i not only would allow pics of myself in it, I took them my damn self!! 
Not because I think my body is perfect, not because I don't have things I still want to improve, but because I have put in the work.. on both my body and my mind that now i feel confident, sexy, and HOT and OWN the HELL out of my body and my LIFE..  
And Ladies, this isn't all about a bikini.  Maybe you have no desire to ever rock one of those again, and that is ok too, but the point is, you DESERVE to feel good about yourself, how you look, what you do, and just WHO you are.  I have discovered the secrets to doing this and I'm ready to share them with you!!

If you want to feel amazing, confident, energized, and yes, SEXY!!  too... 
JOIN ME next week for my brand new totally FREE and FABULOUS!!
"Ignite your Confidence and Spark you Energy Challenge!!!!"
During the 5 day challenge we wlll talk about how to

ditch the bullshit
find your motivation
Have more energy
Step the HELL OUT of your comfort zone
and feel freaking unstoppable!!!!
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And PLEASE Share this!!! I KNOW there are women out there that are longing to feel amazing in their own skin just like I was..

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

My 3 TIPS for CRUSHING Anxiety

Anxiety is something that creeps up on my from time to time.  Often, it is situational, but sometimes, I feel anxious and unsettled for no real reason at all.

Although I don't always know where those uncomfortable feelings are coming from, it doesn't mean that I can't take some actions to reduce my anxiety and make myself feel more like myself.  Over the past few years, I have found a few things that definitely help to keep the unsettledness away.

So here they are..  My top 3 tips for CRUSHING anxiety..

#1  Move your body.
 For reals yo.  You need to work out.  Or take a walk.  You need to kick your own ass for lack of a better terms.  It will help you work off some of that nervous energy, and get you feeling PROUD of yourself for doing something amazing for yourself.

My most favorite workouts are the ones I can do at home!  I'm sure you aren't surprised, but for me, just getting off my couch and working out is so much less overwhelming than having to make myself somewhat presentable, and go to a gym.  Add in that ride to and from the gym.. and forget it.

Basically though ..  just find something that works for you.

#2 Personal Development.
 I mean it ladies, find your zen!  Read some dang books, or listen to them on audible about how to take control of your life, how to wade through the CRAP that life throws at us and come out of it able to still find JOY.  EVERYONE can grow as a person.  Every single person.  We ALL have crap thoughts and bad days and times when we fell out of control.  I promise you that PD can HELP.

Don't know where to start? Here are a few of my faves..

You are a BadAss; How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

#3 Choose JOY and GRATITUDE
We cannot control what happens in our lives, but we CAN control how we react to it.  It is NOT always going to be simple or easy, but you CAN choose JOY.  You CAN find SOMETHING good in your life.  Focus on that.

Life will hand you shit guys.  It WILL.  NO ONE goes through life without troubles, without pain, without having HARD things to deal with.  Life is HARD.  Life comes with pain, hurt, and sadness.  It comes with grief, and agony at times.

But I will tell you one thing for sure. FOR SURE.  There is also happiness, joy, excitement, and peace.  All the time.  All of these things in life are there ALL. THE. TIME.

Sometimes you just have to look a little harder to find the good.  But it's always there.